Item Description
This is a gorgeous oversized brand new Autograph Pros
12-string acoustic/electric guitar hand signed by KRIS
KRISTOFFERSON. This stunning guitar features a 4 band EQ with a
cutaway body, it's just a great guitar all around. But now we can
get into how this guitar has been custom airbrushed to become one
of the greatest pieces of music memorabilia that you'll ever see.
Forget the fact that you've probably never even seen a 12 string
acoustic/electric guitar that was autographed. No, that wasn't good
enough for us, we needed to take this way up a notch to have what
is clearly a one of a kind customized work of art. People will
spend $25,000 on a Picasso and hang it in their house. You put this
on your wall next to any Picasso and I bet you get more comments
and more admiration to this piece than the $25k painted canvas. As
stated, this is a brand new guitar so it is fully functional both
as an acoustic and electric instrument. Don't let this one pass you
by. If you want the best, this is it!
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