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Product type Korean Drama (1998).
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Korean Drama

Love In Three Colours
Three Colours

56 Episode
Audio : Mandarin
Subtitle : Chinese Only
Comput : DVD
Choi Ji Woo
Ryu Jin
Kim Ji Young
Park Jin Hee
Story Line
Kim Sun Young is a Single mum to 2 children a daugther and son. She
work as a taxi dirver. Her Son Jee Hyuk is a pick pocket with her
childhood friend Hong Miri. Hong Miri loves Jee Hyuk but Jee Hyuk
does not have any feelings for her. Whenever Jee Hyuk plans to do
his job he always use his handphone and act as a policemen. One day
when he was planing his act he met a girl Ji Hoo a simple and plain
girl and he fall in love with her. Ji Hoo Knows what Jee Hyuk
is doing and try to help him. Ji Hoo try to help him change to a
new leaf.

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