Item Description
Unusual and very rare Italian -
Spanish co - production consisting of witchcraft, possession and
sleaze. Presented full screen in Italain audio only..
A young university student "Lillian" (Leonora
 Fani) returns to her family's
country villa near a lake where years earlier had mother drowned.
She is supposedly researching a local legend, a witch called Kira
and strange symbol associated with her. But she seems to spend a
lot less time at the library "researching" than she does flat on
her back giving it up to all local guys. Whenever she reaches
orgasm, however, she falls into a weird death trance and some
horrible fate befalls her sex partner (a car accident, a drowning
etc.) Naturally, there's a lot of talk in the town about this
strange, slutty girl (but she still never seems to lack for willing
sex partners). Lillian also seems to have some kind of weird
relationship with a local mentally retarded girl name Lilith, who
is always spying on Lilian and masturbating whenever she has sex
(which makes for quite a rigorous masturbation schedule).
Meanwhile, the witch "Kira" (who looks kind of like the Italian
fumetti comic-strip villainess "Baba Yagi") also seems to be
hanging around. Lillian's own mother, though generally unseen
except in the prologue, is referred to by the locals as the "lady
in the lake". If four weird women isn't enough, there's also a
little, local blind girl who tears the heads off her dolls and says
a lot of cryptic things. 

Enzo Castellari 
makes this nonsense as spooky as possible, and despite the numerous
sex scenes, he maintains an atmosphere more of Gothic horror than
of softcore pornography. With the possible exception of "Pension
Paura", this is probably Leanora Fani's classiest
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