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Directed by
José Antonio de la Loma
Margaux Hemingway, Lee Van Cleef, Jorge Rivero, Willie
Aames, Ana Obregon, and Aldo Sambrell
A professional hit-man has
retired and started a new life in Spain as a truck driver. He
decides to take his lovely wife with him while driving a shipment
of oranges to France and runs into trouble when encountering the
local mafia that is trying to control the market of fruits.
The mafia end up trapping
the hit-man's wife inside the truck and burn her alive. Filled with
rage, the hit-man is forced to return back to his old ways to get
revenge. Using his old contacts, he is provided with all the guns
and information he needs to kill each and everyone responsible for
his wife's death.
This revenge action
thriller features a truly unique cast including Willie Aames
(Zapped!, Cut and Run), Margaux Hemingway (Killer Fish), and the
one and only Lee Van Cleef as an evil lawyer.
English audio soundtrack, with non-removable Japanese subtitles.
DVD is NTSC format, Region 0 (region free) and playable
world wide.
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