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The Complete Series - Includes the Christmas Specials

Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced Bouquet) is the queen of snobs. Obsessed by perfection, image, etiquette and breeding, she makes peoples lives a total nightmare. She doesn't live for herself but lives to be seen and does everything in her power to give the right impression to the upper social classes. She never misses an opportunity to mention her sister Violet who ownes a villa with room for a swimming pool and pony but dreads being seen around the derelict council house of her slobbish tattooed brother in law Onslow. In her mission to civilize and educate the socially less fortunate, she controls people, interferes in everyone's life and brings chaos everywhere she goes. Her three younger sisters, Violet, Daisy and Rose, her neighbors Elizabeth and Emmet or even her mailman and milkman all fear her and wonder how her poor husband, Richard copes.

This DVD set comes as pictured, in a case with cover, and artwork on each disc. Formatted in NTSC for USA/Canada, and PAL format for Australia/Europe. Ships from the UK.

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