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This is for a Kanze Ryu - ShoSho Ryu - Koden Ryu densho in Digital format. It is about 4 pages long. This title is Kanze Ryu Yawara Omote Ura. Contains section of Kogusoku and Tachiai. The date is 25th day of the first month, 19th year of Kyouho (1734). This ryuha is found in the BRD. It contains Yawara (Jujutsu). This is actually a combination of 3 ryuha due to the 27th generation soke of Kanze Ryu becoming the First generation soke of Shosho ryu (which are the techniques leading up to Chudan), ryuha's change again, then once more at Menkyo level. (notes are conflicting on whether Kanze Ryu or Koden Ryu is 2nd & 3rd respectively) This may be of interest to Samurai, Ninpo, Jinenkan, Bujinkan, Genbukan & Koryu Bujutsu practitioners. no refunds, exchanges, etc., all sales are final. Please visit our website