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Complete Kannazuki no Miko Anime Ep. 1-12 End (Kannaduki no Miko) (Uncut) Japanese with Accurate English Subtitles Format: DVD   There is a small town somewhere in Japan, which is surrounded by nature. In this town, there is a large and gorgeous school, Otobashi Gakuen, which was founded to familiarise the students with nature. This story centers around Kurusugawa Himeko, a normal student who attends Otobashi Gakuen. She leads a bright and enjoyable school life with her two friends, Himekawa Chikane and Ogami Soma. Chikane is a daughter of a distinguished family. She excels at both studying and sports is wise and beautiful. Furthermore, she has a friendly disposition and is very popular among the other students. Ogami Soma is Himeko’s childhood friend. He has problems expressing his emotions directly, but he is very sincere. On Himeko's 16th birthday, her fate changes...   Format : DVD Language : Japanese DVD Subtitles : English Episodes :  1-12 end Video: Excellent Quality Region : All code region free ( Playable on any DVD Player ) PS2, XBOX Compatible. DVD-ROM Compatible. FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ADDITIONAL ITEMS. FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ADDITIONAL ITEMS.