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Badr Hari Career

Vs. Alexey Ignashov (Its Showtime)
Vs. Gokhan Saki (2H2H)
Vs. Aziz Khattou (It's Showtime 7)
Vs. Gary Turner (Rings Holland)
Vs. Stefan Leko (It's Showtime 8)
Vs. Stefan Leko (K-1 GP 2005 Final)
Vs. Peter Graham (K-1 Auckland 2006)
Vs. Ruslan Karaev (K-1 GP 2006 Opening)
Vs. Paul Slowinski (K-1 GP 2006 Final)
Vs. Nick Pettas (K-1 Dyanamite 2006)
Vs. Ruslan Karaev (K-1 GP 2007 in Yokohama)
Vs. Yusuke Fujimoto (K-1 GP in Hawaii 2007)
Vs. Peter Graham (K-1 GP 2007 in Hong Kong)
Vs. Dough Viney (K-1 GP 2007 Opening Round)
Vs. Remy Bonjasky (K-1 GP 2007 Finals)
Vs. Ray Sefo (K-1 GP 2008 in Yokohama)
Vs. Glaube Feitosa (K-1 GP 2008 in Fukuoka)
Vs. Domagoj Ostojic (K-1 GP 2008 in Hawaii)
Vs. Hong-Man Choi (K-1 2008 Opening Round)
Vs. Peter Aerts (K-1 GP 2008 Final)
Vs. Errol Zimmerman (K-1 GP 2008 Final)
Vs. Remy Bonjasky (K-1 GP 2008 Final)
Vs. Alistair Overeem (K-1 Dynamite 2008)
Vs. Frederic Sinistra (It's Showtime)
Vs. Semmy Schilt (It's Showtime 2009)
Vs. Zabit Samedov (K-1 GP 2009 Opening Round)
Vs. Ruslan Karaev (K-1 GP 2009 Finals)
Vs. Alistair Overeem II (K-1 GP 2009 Finals)
Vs. Semmy Schilt II (K-1 GP 2009 Finals)
Vs. Mourad Bouzidi (It's Showtime)
Vs. Alexey Ignashov (K-1 GP in Yokohama 2010)
Vs. Hesdy Gerges (It's Showtime) --Hari gets DQ'ed AGAIN-
Vs. Gregory Tony (Its Showtime)
Vs. Gokhan Saki (Its Showtime)
Vs. Zabit Samedov (K-1 WGP 2012)
Vs. Zabit Samedov (Legend Fighting 1)
Vs. Alexey Ignashov (Legend Fighting 2)
Vs. Stefan Leko (Global FC 3)
Vs. Peter Graham (Global FC 3)
Vs. Arnold Oborotov (Global FC 4)

The Voice vs. Badr Hari - Interview
This set is my FIRST K-1 Career set. Hari is one of the
most exciting / exposive fighters I've ever seen. He is
cocky, but fierce. His nickname is 'The Golden Boy' and is
known as the man who will carry K-1 for the next
He is the man who has the best KO of K-1 I've
ever seen (against stefan leko in GP 2005 Finals), spinning back
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