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Andy Hug Career
Vs. Nobuaki Kakuda
Vs. Eric Albert
Vs. Branco Cikatic
Vs. Pat Smith
Vs. Pat Smith II
Vs. Rob Van Esdonk
Vs. Mike Bernardo
Vs. Peter Kramer
Vs. Dennis Lane
Vs. Ernesto Hoost
Vs. Mike Bernardo II
Vs. Jerome Le Banner
Vs. Bart Vale
Vs. Duane Van Der Merwe
Vs. Ernesto Hoost II
Vs. Mike Bernardo III
Vs. Sadau Keatsongrit
Vs. Stan 'The Man'
Vs. Masaaki Satake
Vs. Musashi
Vs. Peter Aerts
Vs. Sam Greco
Vs. Mike Bernardo IV
Vs. Fransisco Filho
Vs. Pierre Guenette
Vs. Masaaki Satake II
Vs. Peter Aerts II
Vs. Ernesto Hoost III
Vs. Curtis Shuster
Vs. Peter Aerts III
Vs. Mike Labree
Vs. Mark Russell
Vs. Miyamoto Masaaki
Vs. Ray Sefo
Vs. Sam Greco
Vs. Peter Aerts IV
Vs. Tsuyoshi Nakasako
Vs. Ray Sefo II
Vs. Stefan Leko
Vs. Maurice Smith
Vs. Hiromi Amada
Vs. Ernesto Hoost
Vs. Musashi II
Vs. Glaube Feitosa
Vs. Mirko Cro Cop
Vs. Nobu Hayashi

Vs. Duke Roufus from 1994
Andy Hug winning the Karate World Cup 1992 in Japan! (5 bonus karate matches)

This is the career of the Late Andy Hug. His legacy in K-1 is absolutely amazing. Watch him battle K-1's best in their primes. See him win the K-1 World Grand Prix 1996 Tournament! Set is DVD-R burned. Please make sure your dvd player plays DVD-R before purchase.

This is the largest Andy Hug career set online and you'll be impressed with the video quality considering the ages of the fights (90's). Great vhs transfers to dvd. Fight selection menu. Six dvds. This is the best Andy Hug career set you'll find on ioffer or anywhere. I customized it myself.