Item Description
Replace your JT Spectra Thermal Replacement Lens for safe and clear vision on the field! You have plenty of options with the JT Spectra Thermal Replacement Lens. A Clear lens is the best all-around choice. Yellow lenses are best for overcast days while Smoke lenses help cut the glare on especially bright ones. Chrome and Prizm lenses have a smoke tint to them and an intimidating mirror finish on the outside! All JT Spectra Gradient Thermal Lens pass the American ASTM standard and the European EC Standard. They are treated with a super tough scratch resistant silicone hard coat to keep them as clear as possible. The dual pane design is the best antifog protection on the market. Your goggle lens is the most important piece of anyone's paintball gear! Always replace your paintball goggle lens at least once a year. Always replace your goggle lens anytime your lens takes a direct hit at less than 20 feet, or if you notice any deep scratches or pits. Keep a spare JT Spectra Thermal Lens in your gearbag and be prepared! JT Spectra Thermal Replacement Lens features:
- Thermal dual pane construction - 260 degrees of vision - Scratch resistant silicone hard coat - Fit all JT Spectra goggle frames