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eVic MOD - high technology electronic cigarette - smart cigarette with intelligent features and computer software interfacing

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MOD eVic from Joyetech, the leading company in electronic cigarettes field

Smart Battery mode with a digital screen interface and ability to connect to a personal computer with unique software enabling to preserve and display the history of the device usage and allows control of multiple and diverse functions.

eVic has a quality aluminum body to keep the MOD safe and light
eVic comes with a powerful battery of 2600 mAh sized from Samsung manufacturer

- Allows control of the battery supply within 2.0W-15W

- Allows control over variable voltage in range of 3.0V-5.0V

eVic Features:

PC Connectivity: By connection the eVic to personal computer you can modify, adjust and review your personal information.
Graphic Analysis: When connecting the eVic to your personal computer the MOD will sync with the MVR unique software and display all your Vaping Habits/records.
Power on-off: Power saving by turning off the eVic MOD battery
Variable Voltage: Adjusting the output voltage of the battery +/- 0.1acurency.
Machine Energy Saving: Auto turning off the device Screen when not in used. Also can adjust the System device to fall asleep when not in used.
Battery Indicator: You will see battery remaining power indicator and you gets warning when battery decreases to 5%.
Vaping Setting: write the history to memory and show total puffs number, setup reminder puffs taken and alert when reach to it.
Date & Time Setting: You have the option to set date and time of the eVic manually or second option is to update it through the MVR automatically.
Protection Guard of Battery: avoiding Overheating, low/High voltage protection, battery inversion protection, short circuit protection,
Standby Mode: you can Setup standby time of the screen or setup standby time of the eVic for saving the eVic Mod energy.
Time you Inhaling: The eVic screen Show the # of seconds (time ) from the time you press the button and vape till you release.
Connected Heater Parameters: The eVic will Display resistance of the Cartomizer and atomizer, also can chose for you the optimum output voltage and currency of the battery.
With the eVic you can connect any Atomizer, Clearomizer or a 510 Cartomizer for example: CE4, CE6, EGO C, EGOT, SMOKTECH and more ...

Mod eVic able to read your Atomizer, Clearomizer or a 510 Cartomizer resistance and to adjust unique voltage and currency for best performances!

Colors: Silver

Kit contents:

1 X Master Unit Control

1 x Battery House

1 X Battery

1 X USB Cable

1 X Power Adapter

X 1 Manual Guide

1 X Manual for MVR software

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