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Journey to the West Chapter 1 -- Monkey Makes Havoc in Heaven


The MONKEY SERIES are picture books based on the ancient Chinese fantasy novel JOURNEY TO THE WEST, a story rich in tales about demons and monsters who try to stop the Tang Priest Xuanzang from reaching the Thunder Monastery in India to fetch Buddhist scriptures. The real hero of this novel, loved for four hundred years by Chinese readers, is the resourceful, brave and humorous Monkey.

This series included three stories:

  • The Beginnings of Monkey
  • Monkey Makes Havoc in Heaven
  • Monkey's Conversion


Published by : Foreign Languages Press

Editor : by Tang Cheng, Gao Mingyou Xi Li (Editor), Yan Dingxian, Zeng Zhaoan, Liu Jikun Lu Xinsen (Illustrator)

Language : English

Format : Paperback
Publication Year : 2007

Total Pages : 233


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