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 WITH HIGH RES ARTWORK - NOT copies of a copy! PRO SILK SCREENED LABEL High quality DVD-R PRO Interactive Menus You found the best right here!  AND THESE ARE THE ORIGINAL FAB DVDS - not knock offs or poor copiesJOHN LENNON: Imagine....70th Birthday Tribute 2010 DVD70 years old - incredible.....and the tributes from around the world are represented here, with interviews and wishes from Yoko, Ringo, Quarrymen, Julian & Cynthia and others. Footage from Iceland and more! 120 minutes long.01. August 8: Associated Press - Yoko Interview on John02. August 17: BBC  News - Yoko Interview on John03. September 12: NBC News - Lost Photos of John, Paul,       George & Ringo from Jesse Ed Davis wife04. September 24: NY News - Central Park Lennon Movie Screening05. September 30: BBC News - New John & Yoko Photos Found06. October 3: CBS Sunday Morning - Julian Art Show - with Yoko, Sean,      Cynthia in attendance/ Interview on John07. October 7: CBS News - Trailer/ Nowhere Boy Reviewed08. October 8: CNN News - Julian Interview09. October 8: Access Hollywood - Julian Art Show10. October 8: Access Hollywood - Julian Interview  11. October 8: Access Hollywood - Yoko Interview on John12. October 8: John Lennon Google ad13. October 8: Gimme Some Truth Lennon Reissue Campaign Promo14. October 8: MSNBC Morning Joe - Central Park Activities15. October 8: Asociated Press - Central Park Activities Report16. October 8: Asociated Press - Central Park Activities Raw Footage17. October 8: BBC News - Quarrymen Interview in LA18. October 8: BBC News - What If John Had Lived? - Funny report!19. October 8: ITN News - Lennon Birthday Celebrations20. October 8: Rueters - Lennon Birthday Celebrations21. October 8: NBC Today - Larry Kane Interview22. October 8: Mojo News - Yoko Interview on Bed In23. October 8: Birthday Message from Yoko24. October 8: Birthday Message from Ringo25. October 8: Birthday Message from Aerosmith26. October 8: Special Message and Film by Yoko Ono for John27. October 9: CBS News - Celebrations in NY, Liverpool and Iceland28. October 9: BBC News - Celebrations in Liverpool with Julian & Cynthia29. October 9: Russian News - Celbrations in Liverpool with Julian & Cynthia30. October 9: CBS News - Celbrations in NY and Liverpool 31. October 9: BBC News - Ringo, Yoko and Sean Sing Happy Birthday in Iceland32. October 9: Iceland News - Give Peace a Chance in Iceland33. October 10: MSNBC News - Peace Tower in Iceland34. October 10: Metropolis - Peace Tower in Iceland - TWO CLIPS35. October 12: CNN News - Anderson Cooper Interview with Yoko36. October: Who Is Harry Nillson Film Trailer (with John and....)