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WITH HIGH RES ARTWORK - NOT copies of a copy! PRO SILK SCREENED LABEL High quality You found the best right here!  AND THESE ARE THE ORIGINAL FAB CDS - not knock offs or poor copies JOHN LENNON: Home Demo Tapes Vol.4 2 CD SET Late 1980These 2 CDS are recordings from 1979-1989 - every version, every take in chronological order (the best that can be figured out)of John's recordings during the "House Husband" Years.....the best quality versions to date.DISC ONE: 19801.I'm Losing You 2.I'm Losing You 3.I'm Losing You 4. I'm Stepping Out5.I Don't Wanna Face It 6.I'm Stepping Out7.Mr. Hyde's Gone (Don't Be Afraid) 8.The Happy Rishikesh Song / Something Is Wrong 9.Real Love [take 1] 10.Real Love [take 4]11.Grow Old With Me 12.Real Love [take 5 with overdubs] 13.Woman [take 1]14.Woman [take 4] 15.Woman [take 7] 16.Woman [take 8] 17.Nobody Told Me [overdub take 1] 18.Nobody Told Me [overdub take 2] 19.Woman [take 8 with overdubs] 20.Woman [take 8 with overdubs]21.(Forgive Me) My Little Flower Princess [take 3]DISC TWO: Fall 19801.The Worst Is Over [take 1] 2.The Worst Is Over [take 2] 3.Help Me To Help Myself [takes 2-3] 4.My Life [take 1] 5.My Life [take 2] 6.My Life [take 4] 7.Serve Yourself [two takes] 8.Cleanup Time 9.Cleanup Time  10.(Just Like) Starting Over [take 1]11.(Just Like) Starting Over [take 2] 12.(Just Like) Starting Over [take 3] 13.Gone From This Place [take 1] 14.Gone From This Place [take 4]15.Gone From This Place 16.Dear John17.You Saved My Soul