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The complete John Carter of Mars comic set on DVD.

Included in the set is;
Gold Key 1-3
Weird Worlds 1-10
Marvel 1-28 plus Annuals 1-3
Tarzan and John Carter 1-4
A nice compilation and without having to search eBay to
replace damaged issues in your collection. DVDs are covered with a
free replacement for defective discs and come with comic reader

Disc(s) come with labeled artwork, please let me know in
advance if you do not wish to have the disc labeled. Free
replacement on any defective discs.
Worldwide shipping available, just ask for a price quote.
It is our intent to respect the rights of all the creators.
That said, each buyer also has a right to enjoy the comics they buy
without limit or fear of accidental damage and/or loss to their
collection. We provide backup services for the technologically
challenged that are unable to backup their own collections. This
service is a method to backup to a digital form and intended to
help you preserve your own comic collection. Since paper products
are prone to fading, creasing, and wear and tear with use, it's
best to move them to a digital format.
We also do custom orders.
You tell us what you want on the disk. Only .25 cents per issue
plus shipping.
Shipping Policy
We use standard USPS First Class with DC# shipping for most
sets in the US.
Quoted shipping prices in the ad are for US customers only. We
do ship internationally but you must get a shipping quote before
paying as international rates are significantly higher.
Combined Shipping
A standard shipping charge is listed above with each additional
set ordered costing .75 cents more.
Issue Gap Policy
Each set is as complete as possible. We do not leave gaps in
any set. You should receive every issue listed in the ad you are
purchasing. Our goal is 100% satisfaction, so if you think you are
missing an issue let us know.
Return Policy
We offer limited support and will replace any defective discs.
We have checked the files the best we can but can not catch
everything. Sometimes a corrupted pdf or cbr can get by us or may
not work on your PC. So feel free to report any bugs and/or
defective discs.
Included on each disc are CDisplay for XP/Vista PCs and Jomic
for Mac OS X 10.4 or newer. We strongly recommend Mac users
purchase Comic Book Lover, available on the web for 10.4 and 10.5
systems. We do offer help for only users of the newer Intel based
Macs with OS X 10.4 or newer. However errors with the Display
software are the domain of the individual software providers and
help is available on their respective websites.
Important Disclaimer: To purchase these
back-up comics you must own the original comics. These comics are
for back-up purposes only. When Purchasing any of the comics sets
we have available for you, we therefore assume you have the
original in your possession. Our function is strictly to backup
your original comic purchase, which you currently own, to protect
it from damage - accidental or otherwise. We provide these back-ups
as a service.
So please remember that this service is for the comics you
already own and respect the creator's rights. By clicking Agree on
this page you are agreeing that you own the original of all items
on this site and you are paying for backup services only. The owner
of this site, the webmaster and any others involved are not liable
for any issues or legal issues that will ensue if you do not. All
backups are for personal use and not for paid use or distribution
to others.
We will not be held accountable for the
buyers use. If you sell your original comic(s), you will destroy
the backup of that title. If you imply piracy, then we cannot
legally provide a back-up service for you, and we hold no liability
for anything you, the buyer, will do with the backup. You
understand that from purchasing these backups from us, that you are
implying you have the original copy of that title, and we will
supply it to you on that understanding only. If you imply to us
that you do not own the original copy of the comic(s), then we
cannot supply you with the disc, as you have no legal rights to own
it. You must also be aware that in order to use your legal backup
copy of your retail comic(s), your PC/Mac must contain a working
and properly installed CBR Reader application.