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The film follows the life of Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan (formerly part of British India). When Jinnah dies, he is taken to a heavenly anteroom where a decision will be made on his fate, but his file has gone missing, and the Guide must question him about his life to fill in his story. He tells of the key point in 1947, when India was about to get independence from Britain, and Jinnah advocated a separate nation in which the Muslims will be in the majority.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi suggests Jinnah be made prime minister of the new India, as a compromise, but Jinnah rejects his suggestion and Nehru is handed the job. Jinnah's nemesis is Lord Louis Mountbatten, the British viceroy who opposes the idea of Pakistan. As well as this historical turning point, Jinnah recalls his youth, and formative relationships with his sister Fatima and his marriage to a former Parsi converted to Islam before marriage.


Christopher Lee as Mohammed Ali Jinnah
Shashi Kapoor as Narrator
James Fox as Lord Louis Mountbatten
Maria Aitken as Edwina
Richard Lintern as Jinnah (Younger)
Shireen Shah as Fatima Jinnah
Indira Varma as Rattanbai ('Ruttie') Jinnah
Robert Ashby as Nehru
Sam Dastor as Mahatma Gandhi
Shakeel as Liaquat Ali Khan
Vaneeza Ahmed as Dina (Older)
Roger Brierley as Judge
Vernon Dobtcheff as Lord Willingdon
Rowena Cooper as Lady Willingdon
James Curran as Colonel Knowles
Michael Elwyn as Sir Cyril Radcliffe
Ian Gelder as The English police officer
Christopher Godwin as Recruitment officer Incharge
John Grillo as Sir Dinshaw Petit
Talat Hussein as Refugee
John Nettleton as General Gracie
David Quilter as Porrit
Khayyam Sarhadi as Abdur Rab Nishtar
David Sterne as Birtwhistle
Marc Zuber as Muhammad Iqbal
Shahid Iqbal as Barrister M. C. Chagla
Mervyn Hosein as Abul Kalam Azad
Stephen Mortlock as English Reporter

Soundtrack by Nigel Clarke & Michael Csanyi-Wills

Despite the early criticism of the movie, it received an overwhelmingly positive response in Pakistan. Christopher Lee has spoken highly of the film, calling his performance in it by far the best of his career as well as stressing the importance of the film.

“ The most important film I made, in terms of its subject and the great responsibility I had as an actor was a film I did about the founder of Pakistan, called Jinnah. It had the best reviews I've ever had in my entire career - as a film and as a performance. But ultimately it was never shown at the cinemas."