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THAT’S MY PHILOSOPHY, WANTED MAN, FUNDAMENTAL REGGAE, I’M THE LIVING, NO WOMAN NO CRY, GOING BACK WEST, LET’S TURN THE TABLES. BONGO MAN is an inspiring musical experience told through reggae. Jamaica - autumn 1980 - the island is seething with turmoil and ripe for civil war. Exploding onto this already inflammatory scene is Jimmy Cliff. He is the Bongo Man, performing his songs as a musical answer to the political unrest and tension. A vast audience of 2,000 excited people respond to his unique rendition of togetherness and oneness, full of meaning and new hope for them. Jimmy's philosophy is politics divides and music unites. In style he combines both Rastafari and the original Jamaican Maroons. The Bongo Man proves through his songs and dynamic personality that music can overcome fear and tragedy. -- This is a collector’s item for fans - never released on DVD and contains no exterior artwork (photo posted is from the PAL VHS cover) on unbranded Taiyo Yuden archival quality (100+ year lifespan) media. Even the VHS (PAL) is rare! Only Amazon UK has one second-hand copy available for GBP 49.95 (~ USD $99!). 5-minute chapters. NTSC DVD-R. Color. I originally bought this on eBay and am offering it here for substantially less than I had to pay for it! Shipping: 2.95 US / 3.95 international (add $1 each for any other DVDs ordered). Check, Money Order, Cash in US funds, PayPal, etc.