Item Description

JIM Huge Ball Chain Belt crown dog tag mens leather L40


JIM 2 rows ball chain belt /leather belt /Crown and Dog Tag Charm
Cool!!! Awesome detail!

Original design, You'll never find other people carry the same as you do

  • Brand: JIM
  • Color: silver/ black in color
  • Material: metal in silver tone. leather cord
  • Style: 8mm huge ball chain belt with leather cord belt.  Crown, Dog tag, Sword, metal tag charm
  • Condition: brand new
  • Length: total length: approx 20"
  • Hot Tips: cool and perfect with jeans, length is just fit. some fans asked about the proper length.  I can say that 20-22" is just fit for ball chain.  If for single or double row chain belt, you may want a longer one, let's say 26".  Since this chain got awesome charm details, shorter length such as 20" is just fit to draw attention