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Jillian Michaels - Body Revolution

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The DVDs are split into three different phases:

Phase 1: Lays the foundation for your success with low impact moves
Phase 2: Gives you greater resistance moves and more challenging exercises
Phase 3: Puts together everything that you’ve learned to help you get rid of any remaining fat
Michaels bases the system on what she calls “metabolic training,” which combines “front of the body” and “back of the body” techniques that target “trouble zones.” She promises “No boredom and no burnout.” Each circuit can be completed in 30 minutes.
Meal Plan
Fitness experts, including Michaels, have said for years that workouts alone aren’t enough to ensure weight loss success. She stays true to her teachings and includes a 90-day meal plan. This 72-page nutrition plan features “everything you need to know about simple eating for weight loss.” The plan offers hand-picked meals along with healthy cooking and eating tips