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JET OVER THE ATLANTIC - 1959 A man who just lost his daughter decides to kill himself. He plants a fire bomb on a plane he is flying on back to the U.S. from Europe. Problem is of course that he does not give hoot for the other people on the aircraft. These include an opera singer and her maid, A F.B.I. man and his prisoner and a whole assortment of various character types. The bomb goes off killing the flight crew. Needless to say the only who can fly the aircraft is the prisoner. The cast includes George Raft as the F.B.I. agent, Guy Madison as the prisoner, Virginia Mayo as Madison's girl and George Mccready as the man with the bomb. The film was directed by Byron Haskins who directed several very good low-budget gems like, ROBINSON CRUSOE ON MARS, FROM THE EARTH TO THE MOON, CONQUEST OF SPACE, the first WAR OF THE WORLDS  and TREASURE ISLAND. Quality is around 8.5 and comes with a case with artwork.

JET STORM- 1959 A man on a jet liner, Richard Attenborough, has decided to kill himself. He has just lost a child and wants to end his sorrow. Problem is that it will involve taking the plane, passengers and crew with him. Director is Cy Endfield who made the action film Zulu. Quality is in the 8-8.5 area

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