Item Description
Hello Jake & Megan/Jessica Tuck/Joe Lando Fans,

                         This item contains a set of 2 wonderfully edited and created DVD's from 1990 of the beginning of Jake & Megan’s Love story. The collage above has a picture of the DVD's and snap shot pictures of the scenes & characters that are in the DVD's. The scenes in this DVD are in great quality, but there are a few scenes where the pictue is flickering.

Scenes in DVD 1 (Length 1hr 36min.):  
Michael Grand asks Jake to spy on Megan Gordon and find dirt on her and her past in efforts to sabotage Vicki’s mayor campaign. Jake breaks into Megan’s apartment a second time to bug her room and she catches him. These two go back and forth with each other for many scenes; Sarah thinks Jake is the evil Austin Buchanan and she almost stabbs him. Jake confides in his sister Andy and Megan confides in Sarah; Megan & Jake both realize they both know Andy. Megan asks Jake to be the photographer at Bo & Sarah’s wedding. Megan introduces Jake to her family (The Buchanan’s). Jake takes Megan out on a date and to his side of the tracks. Jake & Megan get to know each other better.
Scenes in DVD 2 (Length 2hrs 47min.):
Jake & Megan spend a lot of time together. Megan opens up to Jake a little about her past. Michael demands that Jake search deeper into Megan’s past for dirt. Jake lures Megan out to the beach and pretends that his Jeep breaks down. They stay the night in an abandon beach house. Jake tells Michael he’s not going to spy on Megan anymore and leaves. Michael has two men beat Jake up & Megan comes and rescues Jake. As the police come, Megan takes a battered Jake to a secret hide out place and nurses him back to health and cleans him up. The next scenes are from the Badderly storyline which include Marco Dane, Lucky, Jake, Megan, Bo, Sarah, Spring and the two Hesser off-springs, Johnny D & Charlotte. Jake & Megan are in bed. Charlotte begs her brother, Johnny to hurt Jake because he broke her heart. Johnny makes Bo shoot Jake and the drug lords push him into the water. Megan & Sarah are upset with Bo, but he had to shoot him. As Lucky comforts Megan, Jake washes up on the island. Bo, Marco & Sarah try and devise a plan to notify the authorities back in Llanview of what’s going on on the island. Jake swims to a boat and tries to radio for help back to Llanview, but the message gets into the wrong hands.
The episodes will continue onto Disc 3.
That was a detail description of the 2 DVD’s you will receive whenyou win this auction. The 2 DVD’s have scene selection and look wonderful. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments or concerns. Thank You