Item Description
Hello Jake & Megan/Jessica Tuck/Joe Lando Fans,

                         This item contains a set of 2 wonderfully edited and created DVD's from 1990 to the end of the Jake & Megan Love story. The collage above has a picture of the DVD's and snap shot pictures of the scenes & characters that are in the DVD's. The scenes in this DVD are in great quality, but there are a few scenes where the pictue is flickering.

Scenes in DVD 3 (Length 2hrs 20min.):  

Everything turns into chaos on Badderly, it is a hostile takeover and Spring, Jake, Megan, Cord, Lucky, Bo, Marco and Sarah are all being held at gun point by Johnny & Greg. Everyone scatters after an explosion goes off and the ceiling collapse. Megan, Cord and Jake, Sarah & Bo make it out of the wreckage and heads to the boat house. Except for Tina who goes back to the rubbish for a poker chip and Johnny catches her. But Cord comes before he can take her away as well as the cops who arrest Johnny Dee. All of the bad guys are apprehended and taken back to Llanview. Once at the airport, Jake & Megan get news of Vicki being shot and in a coma and everyone rush to Vicki’s bed side. Megan begs Vicki to snap out of her comma and come back to her family. While at the hospital everyone watches the news about the criminals that were arrested and Tina goes to the police station and slaps Johnny. Charlotte goes to Jake talking to him about her fears of Carlo wanting him dead and killing him. She pleads with him to marry her to insure him that Carlo won’t kill him. Carlo plants a bomb in Jake’s phone and it almost killed his sister Andy instead of him. After that Jake agrees to marry her. Jake & Charlotte gets married as they kiss, Megan peaks around the door and watch them kiss and feels crushed. Megan goes to Llanfair where she talks to Vicki and Clint. Carlo also comes to the wedding after its too late and is angry about their marriage. Jake is able to sneak away from Charlotte and goes to Llanfair and confesses his love to Megan and explains why he married her.  Charlotte tries to sleep with Jake on their wedding night, but Carlo comes in with his best wishes.

Scenes in DVD 4 (Length 2hrs 53min.):  

Johnny & his goons crash Cord & Tina’s wedding where Jake & Megan are and they have some romance scenes together. Jake & Megan eat at Andy’s place, when Carlo sits with them to offer Jake money to stick with Charlotte who is blind. Megan could care less and wants Jake to stay away from Charlotte. Jake agrees to stick with Charlotte till she regains her eyesight again. Thanksgiving, Megan & Lucky are at the beach house and unknowingly Charlotte and Jake comes too. Charlotte is blind and does not know Megan is in the beach house with them. The next day, Megan gets upset and leaves Jake & Charlotte to be alone on Thanksgiving. Megan goes back to Llanfair to have family dinner with the Buchanan’s. Megan gets locked in her bathroom, after Bo calls around looking for Megan; Jakes rescues Megan from the steaming bathroom. Hunter is also introduces and is looking for Megan. After Tina hits Renee with her car, the family gathers at the hospital and Jake & Megan comfort each other. Hunter later comes to the hospital for Megan. Hunter and Megan has to do a sex scene at the studio and Jake gets furious after watching them in bed together. At this time Charlotte does have her eye sight back but is playing the role. I don’t have the wedding, but Jake accepts a job offer and he takes it. Megan reads a letter from Jake. Megan is dying and Jake makes it to the hospital. Andrew spends time with Megan before she dies. Megan dies in Jake’s arms. Vicki locks herself in the room with Megan’s dead body. Jake later goes to Llanfair to get comfort from Vicki. There are a few clips and scenes of Megan’s funeral and Roger returns.

That was a detail description of the 2 DVD’s you will receive whenyou win this auction. The 2 DVD’s have scene selection and look wonderful. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments or concerns. Thank You