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FEATURED: 2007-2009 Jeep Wrangler Hood Lamps x sahara rubicon unlimited

Brand New Off-Road Hood Lamps. Larger, More Powerful and Costs Less then the Similar Mopar Part Numbers: 82207271 & 82210507AC


BlingLights Baja lamps provide more lighting ahead and to the sides where animals tend to run into the road. Almost half the weight of its rivals and greater light intensity by virtue of its large 7" parabolic reflector and 100 watt bulbs. This auction includes 2 lamps as shown above plus complete wiring kit with illuminated switch. The Mopar lamp kit is split up into 3 parts (lamps, wiring, and mounts) with a MSRP of nearly $500 total! This auction includes both lamps and wiring kit. The only thing not included is the optional windshield mounting brackets (Mopar equivalent Part Number: 82210556AB) but don't buy them from Jeep for $100, they can be made from a $1 L-bracket from almost any hardware store.

Baja Driving Light Kit Specs :

Ø (2) Maximum Wattage 4X4 Lights With Removable Covers
Features ultra-thin housings only 3" in width!
Ø Clear Glass Lenses
(2) H3 – 100 Watt Halogen Bulbs
Ø Black ABS High Impact Vinyl Housings
Heavy Duty Mounting Bolts
Illuminated Power Switch
Wiring Kit With Fuse Included
Sale $261.00 $69.99


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Brushed cotton twill, six panel, sandwich bill, relaxed crown, self-fabric strap with metal closure and tuck-in design. Sport the name and show your pride.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does your kit include everything I need? Yes, our kit includes 2 complete lamp enclosures with glass lenses, removable lense covers, powerful H3-100 watt bulbs, fully adjustable mounts for lamp or brush bar, pre-assembled wiring harness with fuse and micro electronic switch, installation instructions, and more.

I'm not good at electronics, can I install this on my own? Brush guard installation only requires basic tools and by following the directions can be completed by most users. The end result will have a clean look if done with care.

Can I hook the lights up to my factory light switch instead of the included switch? Of course, just run the wire to the factory switch instead of the included switch. The included switch can also be substituted with other switches found at Radio Shack.

What type of bulbs come with your kit? Two powerful H3 bulbs with an output of 100 watts a piece (maximum legal wattage for on road use), 200 watts total! These bulbs are designed for maximum output and durability. The bulbs generally last many years without the need for replacement. There is a good chance the bulbs will outlast the life of the vehicle. H3 replacement bulbs are a common size bulbs and can be purchased through us or anywhere else automotive bulbs are sold. The lamps can be upgraded to to higher wattage or HID as well.

What is the BlingLights No Fault Guarantee? BlingLights will repair, or at our option, replace this product for up to 1 year from time of purchase. The NO FAULT provision of this warranty means that regardless of how the item may have been damaged or rendered unusable (fully or partially) by the Owner of the item, BlingLights will repair or replace the item without any questions being asked. To take advantage of this provision, enclose a money order for $25.00 (U.S. dollars) with the item to cover inspection, handling, and shipping.

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What is your return policy? C ustomers only you are entitled to a full refund less shipping costs if item is mailed back within 1 week of receiving item. Item must be in the EXACT brand new condition it was received along with the auction item number and reason for return. Keep the hat just for trying our product even if you decide to return.


For those who participate in the Baja races or drive off road for any other reason these lights rock. We have many micro climates here in Mexico. Soon after the installation we traveled from near sea level at Tijuana in the early morning. Over 800 miles of blazing heat to fog and pitch black darkness on torturous single lane booby-trapped dirt roads, not a place to miss a change. Nor into the high desert back country off road trails in the early morning darkness in speeds excess of 110mph. With the new driving lamps we opened up a new vista of safer night time travel. The difference between other off road lamps and these lights is fantastic. Thanks again for your good product and continued support. We could cot have completed the competition without your help.

Team BlingLights

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