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Performing before an intimate crowd at NYC's legendary Metropolis Studios, Jason Mraz wore his heart on his sleeve in a confession-filled "VH1 Storytellers" that proved to be therapeutic for both the artist and the attending fans. One moving moment occurred when he revealed the song "The Remedy (I Won't Worry)" caused him great guilt since it was inspired by his best friend, Charlie, who was diagnosed with cancer. At its base, the song was written about a man who wasn't going to worry his life away despite his circumstances. Mraz explained it was difficult to watch the song transform from a personal, emotional piece into an upbeat hit song. "..I had suddenly gone from this little idea about my friend and turned it into a huge pop song," Mraz said. "(I thought) 'this is probably going to end up being the single and I'm going to have to go out there and be this guy – this big pop song guy.'"

Prior to singing "Love for a Child," a song about a small boy watching his parents split up, Mraz confessed that he'd never asked his mother her feelings about the song – so he called her a half-hour before coming on stage that night. He relayed her honest sentiments, "I try not to listen to that song very much. It's a beautiful song, but I just wish it was about somebody else."

But perhaps the most emotional story of the night came when Mraz broke down into tears as he spoke of overcoming the relationship and professional struggles that were his inspiration for "I Won't Give Up." Mraz shared with the audience, "You sometimes contemplate ending your life. It's a ridiculous thought, but we're human and it's one of the powers we have."

The hour-long "VH1 Storytellers" episode features Mraz performing a selection of hits including "You and I Both" and "93 Million Miles" from his most recent album, "Love Is a Four Letter Word."

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