Item Description
JASC Paint Shop Pro 9 w/ Animation Shop 3
If you looking for a good image editing program that has many
professional features but won't leave a huge hole in your pocket,
then this is it. Those of you familiar with Adobe Photoshop 
will know it is the king of the hill in image editing - but it
comes with a staggering price tag. Welcome to the world of Paint
Shop Pro, its interface and ease of use make it the ideal choice.
Art Media Tools
Ever wanted to be a computer based Picasso? Paint Shop Pro 9
adds a suite of new computer artist tools called Art Media Tools. I
tried them out and it's pretty neat. You can mix and match colors
on a Mixer palette much like a real world artist would. You can use
different types of canvas textures and brushes (e.g. Chalk, Crayon,
Oil Brush). After trying the tools out for a while I really did
feel like some sort of computer artist. A very nice addition to the
program, in my opinion - but for best results, you'll need to use a
graphics drawing tablet.
Digital Photography Tools
The developers of Paint Shop Pro have been busy in the
digital photography department. Here are some of the tools they
added for digital users:
Chromatic Aberration Filter - This new tool is very useful
for removing magenta or blue fringing around silhouettes and
highlights within a photo. 
Digital Camera Noise Removal - If you shot your picture with
a high digital ISO setting, there could be a lot of image noise in
the photograph. This tool is a one-step solution. 
Fill Flash and Backlighting - The Fill Flash tool corrects
underexposed shadows, while the Backlighting tool corrects
overexposed highlights.
First impressions for Paint Shop Pro was that it was another
Photoshop clone. After you start it for the first time and use it
you will realize that it is an entire creative suite . It covers
digital imaging, photo correction, image manipulation, and digital
painting. Paint Shop Pro 9 handles all these tasks very well and is
definitely more affordable than many of the programs that only
focus on one of these aspects.
works in XP, Vista and 7
cd comes in a paper sleeve, please email me with any questions