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Jan & Dean - More Studio Out-takes &
Splendor of Bohemia label gold disc; 1995 factory pressing
1) Gotta Get A Date (garage demo)
2) I Love Linda (studio out-take)
3) Jeanette Get Your Hair Done (garage demo)
4) I Gotta Drive (studio demo)
5) Gonna Hustle You (Brian Wilson's demo)
6) Get A Chance With You (alternate take)
7) Jan & Dean on the Lloyd Thaxton Show 1965
8) Only A Boy (unreleased single)
9) Cajun Joe (instrumental version)
10) Girl You're Blowing My Mind (Jan Berry-Warner
11) Laurel & Hardy (Davey Jones studio demo)
12) Blow Up Music (instrumental version)
13) Jan Berry Demos (That's The Way It Is / She Sing Sang
A Song)
14) Jenny Lee (silver summer alternate cut)
15) Baby Talk (silver summer alternate cut)
16) Spring Break (radio version)
17) Spring Break (studio version)
18) Batman (club remix)
19) Summer Means Fun (enhanced stereo remix)
20) Sidewalk Surfin' (enhanced stereo remix)
21) Drag City (enhanced stereo remix)
22) Dead Man's Curve (enhanced stereo remix)
23) New Girl In School (enhanced stereo remix)
24) Surf City (enhanced stereo remix)
25) Ride The Wild Surf (enhanced stereo remix)
26) A.A.C.S.C.B.R.T.A. (enhanced Stereoremix)
27) Little Old Lady From Pasadena ( enhanced stereo club
28) Coke Jingle (Swing The Coke Jingle)