Item Description
Hello One Life To Live Viewers, This DVD is from the 1990 storyline of when Max Holden (James DePavia) was presumed dead after being in a horrible car accident. When his car blew up in front of his face he was severely burned leaving him needing cosmetic surgery and later returns as Matt Kingston. The episodes in this DVD are in great quality, fully edited and created with a wonderful menu making it easy to navigate your way through the DVD and into your favorite must see scenes in this storyline. The quality & sound of the episodes are in great quality. Below is a detailed description of the scenes from disc 1. I also have disc 2 & 3 of this storyline.  


Disc 1

Length: 2hrs and 58 min.’s

Gabrielle Asks Father Tony to bring Al to see her for one last time. When Al returns to Max’s place, he spills the beans on him seeing his mommy for the last time and saying goodbye. Max questions Julia and she tells him about the vows he plans on taking and becoming a nun. Max dashes over to the convent, where Gabrielle is talking with Sister Amelila about her doing the right thing. As Max isn’t able to get through the front door of the convent, he climbs the trellis all the way up to Gabrielle’s window and she lets him in. After confessing his love to Gabrielle back and forth, Max grabs Gabrielle’s hand and drags her out of the church. That whole dramatic/passionate convent lawn scene takes place. After that, Max & Gabrielle goes to this bed and breakfast where they hit it off well with this senior couple. While there, Max proposes to Gabrielle and she says yes. On their wedding night, Max runs out to find a wedding Clerk to sign their wedding license after their small ceremony. While Max is headed to find a clerk he picks up a hitchhiker . As they are driving, Max runs into a tree dodging a brunet woman is jogging at night. The woman is Lily and she was able to pull Max out of the car. As soon as Max ran back to the car in efforts of rescuing the hitchhiker, the car explodes and Max’s face is seriously disfigured. Lily, who is the mysterious of plastic surgeon Jared, takes him to his private clinic and performs emergency surgery on his face. Meanwhile, the police goes to the bed and breakfast and tells Gabrielle the bad news about Max’s body being burned in a terrible car crash. Julia is brought to Gabrielle’s aid as she begins to flip out and Julia comforts her. Gabrielle is taking Max’s “death” horribly and she tells Al that his daddy has gone to heaven (THAT SCENE IS VERY SWEET BUT SAD). Gabrielle also tells Andy Max died, and she lashes out at her blaming her for his death. Gabrielle thinks about the past moments she shared with Max. Max wakes up after his surgery, in which his skin is still badly burned, but Lily talks Max into getting a 2 nd surgery in order to restore his face. Max’s funeral begins and everyone shows up for it and comforts Gabrielle. EVEN Michael & Brenda pay their respects. Max manages to gather enough of his strength to pick up the phone and call Gabrielle. As it is ringing, Max picks up a mirror and removes apart of his bandage on his face. When Gabrielle answers the phone and Max screams a horrific scream and hangs up the phone. Gabrielle is left freaked out and puzzled at what just happened.