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This is as it aired on ABC September 13th 2011

Diane Sawyer has known a lot about one of America's most prominent families, but she admits she's learning more now.

As will others, and very soon. Given the personal friendships she's had with Kennedys over the years, the weeknight "ABC World News" anchor will be a highly intrigued host as her new ABC special "Jacqueline Kennedy, in Her Own Words" airs Tuesday, Sept. 13.

The two-hour program offers portions of tapes of seven interviews the former first lady gave journalist Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. early in 1964, under the condition they not be made public until after her death. Also to be highlighted on such other ABC News platforms as "Good Morning America" and "Nightline," the tapes are being presented in conjunction with the Wednesday, Sept. 14, publication of the book "Jacqueline Kennedy: Historic Conversations on Life With John F. Kennedy."

Then recently widowed, Mrs. Kennedy spent more than eight hours reflecting on such events of her Democrat husband's presidency as the Cuban Missile Crisis, as well as her times with him out of public view. Caroline Kennedy, who has written a foreword to the book and calls her role in the release of her mother's tapes "a great privilege" in a statement, is interviewed by Sawyer during the special.

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