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March 10, 1947
Live Radio Broadcast CD
The Full Version

Back before television, a holiday
season tradition in America was listening to "IT'S A WONDERFUL
LIFE" by Frank Capra as performed on radio by Jimmy Stewart and
Donna Reed with The Lux Radio Theatre Company. Complete with a full
orchestra, live on stage with a studio audience.

Few actors ever gave more meaning to the character of George Bailey than James Stewart. Aired live on
March 10, 1947, this radio broadcast will live in the memories of
those that heard it for a lifetime. If you remember listening and
want to recapture those magical days of your childhood Christmas,
or have never heard it, but want to experience the magic of live
radio theatre and create new memories for you and your family,
order this CD! It will become a treasured part of your holiday
listening enjoyment for years to come.

You Have Never Heard Anything Like This.
This Full Version Of "It's a Wonderful Life" Will Have The Imagination Of You And Your Family Mesmerized
With The Sounds And Spirit Of Christmas From Long Ago.

Picture yourself in front of the fire gathered around the radio listening to "IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE" on
Christmas Eve.

This Radio Broadcast is rare and is
hard to come by.

This is the original broadcast of "IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE" from 1947 put on CD that can be played on any
player, Car, Computer, Stereo etc. Anywhere. This is one of the most popular Radio
Broad Casts in History and*is extremely Rare to obtain.

James Stewart as George Bailey
E very time a bell rings, an Angel gets his wings.

The One And Only Live Radio Broadcast
Of "Its A Wonderful Life" Ever Made.
Now You Can Have It From 1947 On CD

This is one of the most popular Radio
Broad Casts in History and*is extremely Rare to obtain.


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