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iPower Balance Bracelets compare to Q-Link and iRenew

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You are bidding on the newest model of ion iPower Health Bands a dual holographic embedded health band.

 Recent Ion research has found that negative charged ion therapy has a positive effect on ALL living matter.

iPower Bands have been factory sealed and tested for quality and performance. We are unmatched in the industry.

Don't be fooled by cheap prices or poor quality imports or knock-offs



Some results on negative ion therapy are as follows:


Reduction of:                                                              Increased :                                                                  


Joint Pain                                                                Balance

Swelling                                                                   Power

Stress                                                                       Strength

Allergy Symptoms                                                   Flexibility  

Jet Lag                                                                                         Endurance

Motion Sickness                                                                        Metabolism

Respiratory Illness                                                                   Oxygen flow          

Healing Time     

Improved Immune System    



A summary of these studies can be found in:


Journal of Hygiene

Journal of Applied Microbiology

Journal of Food Protection

University of Medicine and Pharmacy


The bottom line is that these newly designed bands work better than any other on the market. If you use our band and don't see and feel a difference, send it back within 30 days for a refund.


Special orders and more colors are available upon request   


Dealer inquiries are welcome


If you do respond to the dealer inquiry or visit our website please indicate the publication and title of the ad that you are responding to so we can better track our marketing

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