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During an IPL treatment, the power density of the IPL is even stronger than welding arc light. As intermittent intense pulsed light, the intensity is ten thousand times more than human eyes can bear. Traditional IPL safety glasses allow about 10% transmission of visible light for observation, the protection against the paused light have been significantly compromised. IPL Speed Shutter glasses adopt latest technology that detects light intensity and dimming the filter immediately when the paused light flashes. With latest microcomputer chip processing technology, the filter responds immediately to the flash and provides effective protection. It acts like a shutter in the camera, blocks nearly all of the flash. The response time is less than a millisecond, glare reduction rate reaches T = 0.0001%, the lens will return to a clear lens once the flash is finished, it also come with permanent UV and IR protection for a peace of mind. IPL Speed Shutter provides more reliable protection for operators and becomes the necessity of premium beauty equipment.

1. Ensure the shutter is working properly: Quickly move the glasses from dark to a light source, with the lens facing toward the source, the lens should turn dark for a brief moment, otherwise replace the battery.
2. Put the glasses back into the case; minimize the disturbance to maximize the battery life.
3. Replacing Battery: Battery model: CR2032. Use a screwdriver to remove the battery cover plate, take out the battery holder and insert the screw driver to push to battery out. Push the battery in and make sure the electrodes are correct. Push the battery cover plate back into position.

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