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InuYasha - Vol. 40: Divine Malice
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Yasunao Aoki




Action, Adventure

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Apr 04, 2006






Brand New


DVD: 1 (US, CA)

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InuYasha - Vol. 40: Divine Malice (DVD, 2006)New Sealed

InuYasha - Vol. 40: Divine Malice (DVD, 2006)  New Sealed in original factory seal

About:  "How can a man, revered in life as a saint, be help Naraku?!"

Miroku and Sango climb deep into Mt. Hakurei, trying to determine the source of the sacred barrier that surrounds the mountain.  The discover the remains of a reverend monk.  Saint Hakushin, But why is this reverend spirit helping Naraku by creating the barrier around the mountain?  Meanwhile, Inuyasha is forced into the barrier during a battle with Rnkotsu of the band of seven.  But instead of purifying him, it turns him to his human form.  How will Inuyasha survive without his demon powers?

Condition:  Brand New in original Factory Seal

Contents:  3 Episodes

Episode 118  "Into the depths of Mt. Harurei"

Episode 119  "Devine Malice of the Saint"

Episode 120  "Fare Thee Well:  Jakotsu's Requiem"

In Stereo *Bilingual Japanese and English- English subtitles - Scene - Access Menu * Text less Opening - Line Art Gallery for Drawers

Digital Dolby - NTSC   RATING:  Not Rated - Parental Guidance Suggestion

Based on the Comic by:  Rumiko Takahashi - VIZ

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Movie description
When Kagome, a schoolgirl, falls into a well at a Shinto shrine, she zips 500 years back into the past to a feudal Japan filled with demons, goblins, and magic. Soon she discovers that she is the reincarnation of a powerful priestess, Kikyo, the keeper of a magical jewel known as the Shikon. When the jewel is shattered into a million pieces, Kagome must team with the half-demon InuYasha and travel Japan collecting the shards and, invariably, facing evil and bizarre demonic creatures. This long-running and widely popular series is another ingenious invention of Rumiko Takahashi, the millionaire Manga creator of the surreal RANMA 1/2 and URUSEI YATSURA. After InuYasha began airing on the Cartoon Network, it quickly gathered a rabid American fan-base. In these episodes (118-120) our heroes venture into the depths of Mt. Hakurei, and InuYasha must battle Jakotsu, the cheerful gay member of the zombie mercenary team, the Schichinintai.

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