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Inu-Yasha inuyasha part 7 7 Anime Comic Book Mint Condition - Collectible

Rumiko Takahashis Inu-Yasha Fuedal Fairy Tale by Viz Select Comics

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Story:  In Japans "waring States" era, the half-edemon Iny-Yasha tried to steal the Sikon Jewel (jewel of the 4 souls), a magical bead that can increase demonic powers.  A priestess called Kikyo whose duty it was to protect the Jewel from demons, shot Inuyasha with an enchanted arrow, leaving him pinned to a tree for the next 50 years.  Kikyo died from her wounds that day and took the Shikon Jewel with her in her funeral pyre.  In the present day,  a Japanese school girl named Kagome is mysteriously transported into the past through a magical well.  She frees Inuyasha, who mistakes her for the deceased Kikyo and the story begins......


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