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The Ultimate Credit Repair Resource Package for 2008!
Newly Updated - Over 600 Pages of Credit Repair Information
Boost Your Credit Score Now!

AAA Credit Repair Guide
268-pages of Credit Building Information!

Table of Contents:

  1. The solution to bad credit

  2. Structure of Social Security Numbers

  3. Scoring for credit

  4. The credit system

  5. Credit card insights

  6. Six credit card secrets banks don't want you to know

  7. Establish AAA credit in 30 days

  8. The lure of bankruptcy

  9. Bookkeeping made simple

  10. Stop collection agencies in their tracks

  11. If someone owes you money

  12. Your consumer rights

  13. The free credit card trap

  14. How to get free rent

  15. Your guide to free government grants

  16. How pawn shops work

  17. Improve your credit by paying bills later rather than sooner

  18. Signature loans

  19. Wipe out debts without bankruptcy

  20. Winning the credit card game

  21. Women and credit

  22. How to obtain an $800 loan by mail - interest free

  23. The secrets of credit repair

  24. Solving credit problems

  25. Guerrilla tactics that will give you a good credit rating

  26. Is it ethical to try and remove legitimate bad credit

  27. Federal credit laws

  28. Legal ways to get the bill collectors off your back

  29. Choosing a bank that's right for you

  30. How to make big money with your own business finance service

  31. 50 ways to cut costs and increase profits

  32. Nine ways to lower your auto insurance costs

  33. Sure-fire methods of raising instant cash

  34. How to achieve wealth the easy way

  35. Consumer rights

  36. Bankruptcy

  37. Divorce and credit

  38. Federal/State credit laws

  39. Credit letters

  40. Credit repair companies

  41. Credit dictionary

  42. Skiptracing

  43. Tele-terrorists

  44. Women and credit

  45. How to collect business debts

  46. Secrets of the richest people

  47. How to accomplish anything you want in life

  48. Choosing and using credit cards

  49. Consumer handbook to credit protection laws

  50. Complaining about credit

  51. Fair debt collection

  52. How to dispute credit report errors

  53. Managing your debts: How to regain financial health

  54. Ready,

  55. Shop - the card you pick can save you money

  56. 66 ways to save money

  57. How to get less junk mail

7 Things You Absolutely
Must  Know About Credit Repair
Get The Credit Secrets Mini-Book!

1- Insider Techniques To Raise Your Credit Score Fast
2- Facts Consumers Should Know Before Considering Credit Counseling or Debt Consolidation
3- Facts Consumers Should Know Before Using A Credit Repair Company
4- Five Things Every Married Should Know Before Signing Any Credit Application
5- How To Make Yourself Virtually Identity Theft Proof In 60 Minutes Or Less
6- The TRUTH About Credit Repair
7- Insider Secrets

"My Credit Repair Kit will help you learn the PROVEN secrets to repairing your credit and buying the home, car, or vacation of your dreams Step-by-Step...

in the NEXT 30 DAYS!"

PLUS - Our credit repair consultant has included a special bonus chapter on how to get just about anything including furniture, computers, and personal loans despite bad or no credit.

... AND 7 simple tactics to boost your credit score!

credit repair specialist image spacer

From: Brett Bruce
Rancho Cucamonga, Ca

Subject: Repairing Your Credit

Dear Friend,

I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to help you repair your credit. With the millions of credit repair sites online (YES, I said millions), it is hard to know who to trust. After all, you don't want to spend your precious time and money follow methods that just don't work, do you? And in the end, all you really want to know after reading this is..Does it work? And how much? RIGHT?

It's been a little over a year since the release of the completely revised new edition of The Credit Repair Kit and the results have been astounding. People all over the country have been writing me to tell me how pleased they are with the results and just how much the book has helped them. This kind of great feedback just makes me more passionate about helping others get back on the right track.

These are just a few of the testimonials I have received over the last couple of months and I have asked some more of our readers to share their experiences with you. I know how important proof is.

So make sure you read these testimonials from our readers that have not increased their credit scores, but have changed their lives.

The Results Speak For Themselves...

Dear Brett,

I love your book! I was fortunate to have found your book through another link as I was searching for such material on the web. After downloading and reading the information in your book titled "The Credit Repair Kit", I was really impressed. I have to say that your writing style is so enjoyable to read. With this, you have the ability to explain the mysteries of the credit reporting world in simple, easy to understand language. For that, I applauded you! Additionally, the areas that you have covered in your book are the key areas of need and understanding that I know that others as well as myself have been looking for. Simple explanations to Credit Repair questions. I know that you will be able to help many from the "Poor Credit Demon" that has succeeded in chasing families to the poor house for years.

Happy credit repair customerGood Luck and Thank You Very Much.

Jim Lewallen



Good morning. I found your credit repair kit to be very understandable and easy to read. "Knowledge is Power"; therefore, I felt like you were empowering me and providing me with confidence as I continued to read the extremely valuable material you have obviously spent a substantial amount of time compiling & researching. You have basically done most of the leg work for the average consumer.

I must admit I use your information to share with my clientele in order to help them help themselves!

Thank you for sharing it with me and I in turn pass it on to others ("PAY IT FORWARD").

You are without question doing your part to improve the lives of those who sometimes feel like life (Credit Repair) is sometimes overwhelming.

I, too, have done my share of research and made honest attempts at dealing with Credit Bureau Agencies (Transunion, Equifax & especially EXPERIAN) and following their dispute processes. I have found them to be somewhat confusing & contradicting. Some of the employees that work for these Credit Bureau Agencies have condescending attitudes and I have definitely experienced a lack of urgency on their part.

I have been passed from one representative to another and I feel like this is part of their process in order discourage me to the point that they make me feel insignificant. It seems to take an act of congress in order to get them to just do the right thing and correct the errors reflecting on my credit report that I have had nothing to do with. These errors are without a doubt and unequivocally not mine! All they have to do is make a phone call, send a letter or email a dispute and simply do a little investigating (ask questions) and compare social security #'s. They will quickly discover that these errors can be easily corrected.

They don't appear to really care about correcting credit reporting errors that are the responsibility (I should say "irresponsibility") of others. It sometimes feel like it is a scam to encourage us to buy their credit monitoring & scoring products and to prolong the credit damage that has been inflicted on us (the consumer). The damage I am referring to at the very least translates to stress & frustration due to embarrassment and having to explain over & over again to potential creditors your credit worthiness, even though the credit report reflects differently (erroneously). In addition, having to pay higher interest rates, limited options, receive lower credit amounts and shorter terms in order to reduce the risk, which is not accurate because the "Bible of credit" is incorrect to begin with, due to no fault of the helpless consumer!

Respectfully submitted and God Bless!
Rolando Pedraza
Mortgage Broker
SIMON Mortgage Consultants, LLC


I just wanted to say thanks. Your site has provided me with the most complete and useful information out of the 200 other sites I've visited this morning. I'm trying to repair my credit and your site has put me on the right track.

Thank you,
Hanz Jorgensen

And that's just a couple of the testimonials we've received since the launch of the new edition.

What Are YOU Waiting For?

Time is passing you by and every day that you have bad or no credit is costing your money. Stop wasting time and get this my report now to get started.

Keep on reading to learn more about how to gain access to this Life changing resource.
It is a fact that consumers have been overcharged millions of dollars in interest due to incorrect and erroneous items on their credit reports. The scary part is that 99% of these people had no idea that they were being overcharged.
Just paying your bills on time is not enough!

Many people I talk to think as long as they are paying their bills on time, they will have good credit and that is just not true. In fact, I worked with one couple that had NEVER missed a payment in over 17 years and their credit score was only 554 (This is extremely low for someone that had paid their bills on time).

I taught them just one technique that made their credit score sky rocket into the 700s within 30 days!

No matter who you are... If you do not know the tips and techniques that are in this E-book, you ARE LOSING MONEY! Many of the techniques I teach take very little time to implement and the results are incredible.

Don’t have time to do it yourself… I have even reviewed several companies that can help you in your quest for a better credit score.

If you answer "yes" to any of the following questions you need to read my book:

  • Are you tired of paying a higher interest rate on your mortgage, car loan, credit cards, etc. than your friends and family because your credit is bad?
  • Do you get a pit in your stomach anytime you hear the words “credit application”?
  • Have you had to change your phone number because every call you get is from another creditor chasing down the another bill?
  • Are your friends and family getting the same calls about you? Your employer? (If not, they probably will.)
  • Or maybe you just don’t have enough credit? Deciphering the term credit and what it means to you can be challenging, but it can be done…

My name is Brett Bruce and I am the author of The Credit Repair Kit.

At the ripe old age of 19, I just about went bankrupt. Creditors had my phone number on speed dial and I am pretty sure I was on the collections agencies top ten most wanted list. I remember thinking to myself, "How did I get into this situation?" and most importantly, "How am I going to get out of it?".

Does my story sound familiar …

  • I had just turned 18. (So I had zero credit!)
  • I was a full time student and had a part-time job. (So I had minimal income with almost no time on the job.)
  • I wanted to purchase a car, but had $0 down payment and Zero credit.(So I was pretty much out of luck!

And as you probably already know, you either need a lot of money down or good credit established to buy something on credit…or at least this is what I was told at the time.

I was receiving a lot of mail from companies stating I was “Pre-Selected” to receive credit cards and was turned down by ALL of them. Little did I know that I was slowly making my credit score worse by applying and being turned down so many times by so many creditors.

When I finally did get approved for a high-interest personal loan, I abused it and in a matter of months had gotten myself over extended.

I lost my job about a month later and soon after that, the creditors began to call.

I have dealt with hundreds of customers in similar situations:

  • no credit score
  • divorce
  • sudden unemployment,
  • a sudden death in the family,
  • a drop in overall income,
  • or just plain reckless abandon when it comes to personal finances.

Whatever the case may be that directed you to this website, you landed in the right place!

The Credit Repair Kit e-Book will provide you with all tools necessary to quickly and most importantly, legally, improve and repair your credit.

I will take you step-by-step and teach you:

  • What credit is, where it originated, and how it can affect your financial life
  • How to determine what your credit score is and what it means
  • What credit score the banks look at and more importantly, what they consider to be a good score
  • Where you can get all 3 credit reports for free
  • How to find alternative loans for people with bad credit without paying through the nose in high interest charges
  • How to increase your credit score just by making a few minor adjustments to your report.
  • How to edit over 10 sample credit repair letters I have provided to help you get started quickly.
  • Where to find credit cards if you have little or bad credit and how to properly use them to increase you score.
  • and much more!



Did you know that if you file Bankruptcy, it does not include delinquent mortgages? In fact, what happens in many cases is the home is foreclosed upon and any remaining balance due is still the borrowers responsibility. This, in fact, happened to one of our clients.

She lost her home because her husband was not working and the bank sold the home for a loss. The sale covered her 1st mortgage, but did not cover her $25,000 2nd mortgage. They had already filed Bankruptcy and now they owed $25,000!* Fortunately, she was able to use the book to have it removed.

Experian credit report

* A good bankruptcy attorney would have filed a motion to avoid lien so this did not happen.

Watch It Happen Step-by-Step

One of our clients was so happy with her progress that she sent us several of her credit reports to show the progress she made just by sticking to the plan and following through. You can click on each of the reports to see a larger image.

Report #1
Trans Union Report 1

Report #2

Report #3


Notice the progression? Notice the dates? Notice the account numbers? These are not out of the ordinary results. Just imagine what your report will look like in 120 days!

Okay I believe you...
But What About Bankruptcies?

The question I get asked the most is, "Can you get rid of a Bankruptcy?" You might be surprised to find that the answer is, "YES!" I have seen lots of Bankruptcies, Foreclosures and Judgments removed from credit reports.

And as they say, a picture is worth 1000 words!

Equifax credit report

You can't get more solid proof than that!

My eBook will help you:

  • Take back your life by stopping your creditors and collection agencies from harassing you!
  • Literally save hundreds and thousands of dollars by understanding your credit reports and learning the tips and techniques that can raise your score.
  • Save $$$$ instantly by learning about the only website online where you can get your annual credit reports (All 3 credit bureaus) for free!
  • Save months of mistakes by learning how to establish or add good credit to your reports quickly and easily.
  • Save thousands of dollars on your next refinance buy teaching you what questions to ask when refinancing your mortgage with bad credit.
  • Learn 10 simple techniques to increase your credit score in the next 30 days
  • Save hours and hours of time by using our sample letter templates.
  • Reestablish your credit after a bankruptcy. It can be down right impossible if you don’t know where to start. I will take you step-by-step to a better credit file.
  • Protect yourself from identity theft. It is one of the fastest rising crimes. Are you protected? Get the tips I teach to insure you are doing what you can to keep identity theft from happening to you!
  • Learn how to buy your first home EVEN if you have bad or no credit. It can be done.

Not only will you receive my eBook, but you will also receive the following 2 bonuses to help you along the way:

1. Our “Special 10” bonus chapter on:

  1. Where you can buy bed room furniture with bad credit?
  2. Companies that offer bad credit personal loans for $5,000, $10,000 and even $50,000.
  3. Specialized home loans for people with bad credit.
  4. Where you can get a big screen tv with bad credit?
  5. Where you can buy dining room furniture with bad credit?
  6. Where you can apply for personal loans with bad credit and online approval?
  7. Details on buying computers on bad credit.
  8. Details on bad credit laptop leases.
  9. How to lease a BMW with bad credit?
  10. How do I start your own credit repair business?
2. Free online updates of the e-book.

No need to worry that the techniques we taught you are now out-of-date...We will keep you ahead of the game with Free updates to the eBook of any new information that we come across!

I am not an attorney, just a friend that has been through and seen others go through some very challenging times. The information in this e-Book is simply the tips and techniques that I have found to work for myself and others. I guarantee that the time you spend reading this book will add value to your financial future.

Start The Process Right Now!

If you have ever truly wanted to qualify for the best possible rates, especially for your home, there really is no better time than right now for increasing your score, is there?

I cannot urge you enough to just implement the techniques you learn in this book. You'll be pleasantly surprised how little work and effort is actually involved for you to start raising your score and taking your life back!

Clean Credit Report
65-page report chocked full of useful Credit Repair Information

About The Credit Agencies

How Reporting Agencies Work

What's Inside a Credit Report

Inaccuracies In Your Credit Report

Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA)

How Long Items Stay on a Credit Report

How Credit Scores Are Calculated

Repair Your Credit

Important Mailing Instructions

Free Credit Reports

Obtain Your Credit Report

Dispute Incorrect Personal Information

Rank Questionable Items

Requesting Corrections

The Consumer Statement

Avoid "New Credit File" Scam

How to Build a Good Credit History
Keep Accounts Active

Secured Credit Cards

Negotiating Your Credit Rating

What Goes Into Your Credit Score

Pre-Approved Credit Offer Opt-Out

Identity Theft Prevention

Monitor Your Credit Report Regularly

Stop Abusive Debt Collectors

Negotiate and Settle Your Debts

Negotiate Your Credit Reporting

Paying Your Debts Once You Have Settled

Statute of Limitations

Statute of Limitations on Judgements

Method of Verification - Secret Credit Repair Tool

Wipe Out Debt Without Bankruptcy

Removing Bankruptcies and Foreclosures

Protecting Your Credit if You Get Divorced

Sample Letters

Credit Cards - The Lowdown

Ever wondered just how is it possible for you to get out of debt?

Are you thinking about accepting credit cards on your website?

Would you like to know how you can increase your credit card limit?

Have you ever thought how to protect yourself against identity theft?

The answers to these questions and many more are revealed in this very informative information guide.

The content in this eBook was derived from experts in their fields and basically, people who know what they are talking about!

1. Introduction

2. Increase Your Credit Limit

3. You And The Credit Card

4. Business And Credit Cards

5. Apply For A Credit Card Easily

6. Get The Right Credit Score

7. Accepting Credit Cards on your Website

8. Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft

9. Beware of Pay Day Loans

10. Consolidating Your Credit Card Debt

11. Get Out Of Debt - Fast!

Introduction to Credit Repair Made E-Z

121-page report that will repair your credit!

Good credit is essential in America today, because so many of the things we want to buy must be financed or bought on credit. And once you have a bad credit rating, it is nearly impossible to avoid detection. A vast network of credit reporting agencies keeps track of every American who does business or buys on credit. These agencies are the gatekeepers of credit. Each time you apply for credit through a bank, store or credit card agency, the prospective lender typically checks your current credit rating with one or more of these agencies.

There are nearly 2,000 credit bureaus in the United States, but there are only a few large regional bureaus, which process millions of credit reports each year and boast tens of thousands of business subscribers. Subscribers are the many businesses that pay to obtain the credit information contained in a bureau’s files. Subscribers rightfully believe that the information contained in your credit file is a good indication of your creditworthiness, since how you have paid other creditors in the past is an indication of how you may act in the future. Subscribers also use your credit file to verify information you have provided on your credit application.

Making sure that your credit report is accurate and up-to-date is the first and best step you can take to ensure the strength of your credit. This guide shows you how to access your credit report and how to make the bureaus’ updates of your report work to your advantage. Start today to build the credit you rating you want—this guide makes it E-Z!

Guide To Credit Repair in 2008

The e-book "How to Do Your Own Credit Repair" shows you exactly how to do your own credit repair. Comes complete with example credit repair letters. This is a pdf file that will show on any computer as long as you can view a pdf.

Testimonial on this product, "The sample letters are a BIG plus. Makes it very easy to dispute items."

Get out of Debt Faster Workbook for 2008

Get Debt Free. This workbook takes you through the 5 simple and quick steps needed to figure out what you can afford and what programs are available for your budget. You CAN get you out of credit card debt much faster and cheaper than what you are doing now. You are a minute away from getting out of debt faster. Two free worksheets and a free debt test that SHOWS you what to do and how. Version 08 now works on all platforms.

Testimonial on this product, "This is a step-by-step guide. I was doing research when I came up on this and bought it out of curiosity. I have a 700 credit score and thought I was doing the right thing with my credit card debt. Think again...I'll be putting about an extra $4500 in my bank account this year. Thanks..."

The Basics To Understanding Your Credit Score

We believe that everyone should understand their credit score so we wrote this 5 part series. In this first part you will learn about the history of credit repair. You will also learn about the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Testimonial on this product, "Good Article, I understand my credit score better now"

Credit Repair Planner Software

Credit Repair Planner is an useful software that helps you to create an optimized repayment schedule which factors in credit improvement. The concept is simple: pay off the highest-interest cards first while bearing in mind that carrying in excess of 50% on any revolving credit line dings your credit score. It will break this down into two repayment schedules - the first to get all cards down below 50% and the second to take them down the rest of the way. Although Credit Repair Planner is useful for scheduling repayment, it is meant primarily as an educational tool -- making the path to credit-repayment explicit, concrete and visual. A clear understanding of the debt-repayment path is a crucial part of lifelong debt management.

To use Credit Repair Planner, just download and run - the program is entirely self-contained and requires no installation. Credit Repair Planner is a single, clean, compact executable with no spyware or DLL dependencies. Feel like you're being whacked by a giant hun every month? This little tool is designed to get you out of the credit mess as fast as possible. The idea is that you tell Credit-Repair-Planner about your existing credit card debt and how much you can afford to pay back each month. Credit-Repair-Planner will then generate an optimized repayment plan that not only clears your debt as fast as possible but also gets your credit back as fast as possible.

Credit Card Crusher Software

Credit-Card-Crusher is a simple learning program which illustrates the real cost of carrying high-interest debt. Simply fill in your current credit card debt. Crusher will then analyze your debt and show you the real carrying cost in terms that are concrete and meaningful. Specifically, Crusher will show you just how much house, how much car and how much retirement you are forsaking for the privilege of enriching your bank. Fun, simple and pointed, Credit-Card-Crusher is meant as a motivational tool to help young consumers appreciate that carrying high-interest debt represents a significant opportunity cost. A penny saved is NOT just a penny earned it's actually $64.30 in retirement return if invested early and compounded wisely.

Credit decisions made early can make the difference between spending one's golden years clipping grocery coupons or sipping Margaritas on a sun-kissed Caribbean beach. Although Credit-Repair-Planner is useful for scheduling repayment, it is meant primarily as an educational tool making the path to credit-repayment explicit, concrete and visual. A clear understanding of the debt-repayment path is a crucial part of lifelong debt management. To use Credit-Card-Crusher, just download and run - the program is entirely self-contained and requires no installation (it can also be run directly from fixed media such as floppy or CD). Credit-Card-Crusher is a single, clean, compact executable with no spyware or DLL dependencies. It is part of an expanding collection of freeware tools available from

Cash Center

Cash Center allows you to submit loan apps to lenders. Cash Center pre-fills long loan forms automatically. Our new EasyForm system then sends your request to our large network of lenders. New products include car loans, home loans, payday loans, and credit repair.

Testimonial on this software, "Well, the software is really quick when you install it. I registered in 2 mins, then they have a form that is already filled out when i apply for a loan."

Testimonial on this software, "This software saves a boat load of typing. Very good!!! Strongly recommend!"

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