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Inside Story takes you behind-the-scenes of the most influential, popular, and cultural-changing movies in cinematic history. Sitting down with the directors, actors, and producers, Inside Story gives you an exclusive look at the making of movie classics like Jaws, Animal House, and Silence of the Lambs from the people who made it all possible. We'll celebrate these classics, look back at each movie's origins, from the writing stage to their big screen debut, and their lasting effect on pop culture


Each episode runs for 90 mins long and are $ 8.00 each
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Episodes available:

Animal House
Behind The Planet of the Apes
Caddy Shack
Dancing with Wolves
Fatal Atraction
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
National Lampoon's Vacation
Nightmare on Elm Street
Santa Clause
Saturday Night
Silence of the Lambs