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                                    Perfect Complexion Infusion Peel 1 oz. $40.00


ebay client kevin before            kevin after (used amazing day and eye also)

Combination of rapid resurfacing and protein infusion. I recomend this to anyone who is new or seasoned. This product is mild enough to be your first peel or to be used to expedite or maintain your existing skin results.

Apply at night on clean skin. You may mix any cream or serum in the Perfect Complexion line to enhance your results without any fear of overuse or undesired outcome!

Infusion peel acts as an expeditor when you apply it on day 2 or 3 of a single peel treatment. Apply it generously or twice in one evening to yeild a deeper exfoliation.

Used nightly or every other night alone, Infusion Peel will leave skin tight and smooth and virtually flawless with alot of color! Its best to skip an application if skin is peeling. You can apply Amazing Day and Eye cream and resume Infusion Peel the next evening.

For more options try applying Infusion Peel heavy to problem areas, let sit for 20 minutes, rub in and reapply a second treatment.

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Julie Recommends this product for:

  • Mild Peel

  • Moderate Peel