Item Description
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Indian Remy Pre Bonded Nail U 24'' 60cm 80g #02 Dark Brown Human hair extension
Item Description:
1) Color: #02 Dark Brown
2) Length: 24 inch
3) Weight: 80 g
4) Texture: Straight
5) Category: 24" 60cm
6) Number of strands: 100
7) Remy hair : remy hair is the hair with cuticle tip all on top. It is of the best quality and can last longer than non remy.
8) Hair type : 100% remy human hair
9) Nail-shape tipped human hair extension
10) Brand new, quality silk soft
11) Pre-tipped with glue , very easy to use and no need of any cutting or removing
12) A protein tip shaped like finger tip
13) It can last several month and can be reused in most of cases
Buyer's Attention Important:
Other sellers are selling inferior human hair extension by mixing synthetic or animal hair, most from ox or camel, but claiming it is 100% human hair.
How to care human hair extension:
Improper wash or process probably make the hair dry, easy to fall down or tangle. How you care for your extension will be the ultimate determining factor. Please refer to local professional hairdresser for professional tips. The hair can last at least several month in proper way.
1. Should be washed with special aid what is designed for hair extensions (hair shampoo, balm, mask what makes hair smooth, shiny and beautiful, and does not spoil the capsule). Please use the shampoo recommended by local professional hairdresser.2. On wet hair ends apply fluid what is designed for hair extensions to eliminate and reduce disunion of hair ends, feed them and also to have smoother and sleeker hair.3. Hair should be washed while standing in the shower and head should be bent backwards not forwards.4. Comb with a special hairbrush what is designed for hair extensions.5. In the night plait the hair in a braid or in a tail.6. Do not go to bed with wet, not dried hair because in the morning they get disheveled and you will not be able to comb them.7. You must not apply hair foam on the hair roots (on capsules).8. Hair must be straightened with the hair straightener with ceramic surface (preferably up to 180 degrees) so that hair looked straight and smooth.9. It is prohibited to touch capsules with hair straightener because as a result the capsules may become soft and stick all together.10. It is dangerous to form hair with a diffuser directly at the roots and use foam because there the hair may also get disheveled and will be difficult to comb them.11. Don't cover hair extension under sun in a long time; don't swim wearing hair extension.
What is remy hair and none remy?
Human Hair is 100% natural and from Asia. Some hair with cuticle tip are on top while others are on bottom. Hair are silky, you can wear them up to 4 months, approximately 1 prophylaxis, then must be replaced by new artificial hair. We recommend colored hair with colors that are without ammonia. Human Hair capsules for hair are medium hard. The structure of the hair is fluffy, softer and thinner that the Remy Hair.
Remy Hair is 100% natural and from Asia. Remy hair is the hair with cuticle tip all on top. Hair are silky, you can wear them up to 6 months, approximately 2 prophylaxis, then must be replaced by new artificial hair. Hair can be colored up to 5 times with colors that contain ammonia. Remy Hair capsules for hair are hard. The structure of the hair is smoother, thicker and a little more processed than Human Hair.
FAQ:Is your hair of same length?A: No, most of our hair extension follow standard proportion in length, for example in 20" hair extension, there are 30% hair in 20" and others are shorter. It is similar with natural human hair. If you want better proportion in length, please let us know.
How long does your hair last?A: usually, it can last 1-6 month. It depends. How to wash and care is the key factor. Please refer to local professional hairdresser.Can I dye it?A. Yes. The hair can be colored. As a general rule it is easier to darken the hair than to lighten the hair. We recommend to dye darker , not lighter since the hair extension has been processed and colored, it is difficulty to fade the original color. Improper dying will ruin the hair.We highly recommend having your hairdresser dye the extensions as you will get the results you want, coloring them yourself always poses a high risk of not coming out the shade you want. If you can't get to a salon, always use a good quality hair dye and test a small sample first.
What decides the price of hair?A: there are many human hair sellers and provides various products. Which factor decides the price looks a confusing thing.Please remember the following factors when comparing :1. Weight : is the most important factor since the hair takes up to 70% in production cost. Please compare the net weight of hair. Important note: we provide plastic clasp to tie up the nail tip/stick tip hair, which is less than 0.5g. But many seller use strings, which is about at least 5g. For 100 strands 20" nail tip ( 0.5g per strand) with string, the net weight looks 50g but in fact, there will be 45g or less. While ours (with plastic clasp) will be 50g in net weight.2. Length3. Proportion: most of our hair extension follow standard proportion in length, for example in 20" hair extension, there are 30% hair in 20" and others are shorter. It is similar with natural human hair. If you want better proportion in length, please let us know.4. Texture : we are professional human hair manufacturer and have a lot of experience in the business line. Our hair are all well processed and silky soft.Please note: there is unprocessed hair extension on market. The unprocessed hair can make limited dark color of #01, 1b, 02 and #04 only. This hair is not silky soft, easy to tangle after washing and won't last long time.5. Remy or non Remy
How to tell human hair with synthetic hair?A: Human hair has natural protein. It will smell foul and become to ash after burning, while the synthetic hair will be a sticky ball after burning. So, it is easy to tell them by burning.Moreover, human hair may have very few gray hair and split end. It is normal and not a quality problem.
How can I become a member of your online store? A: It is for free to register as a member of us.What's the Minimum Order Quantity? A: 1 item is the MOQ What should I do if I can't log in your store.A: You can connect with us and we will send new password to your e-mail.What is shipping cost?A: Shipping cost is 10usd, but if you buy items in our website you will get Free ShippingCan I make order by e-mail?A: Yes, you can make order by e-mail. Tell me the item what you want.
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