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IN THE WAKE OF GALLEONS by Robert F. marx. Hard cover, 418 pages. Mention sunken treasure and the mind fills with images of creaking Spanish galleons, holds crammed with gleaming riches, and swashbuckling adventurers. Robert Marx comprehensively relates his experiences with the treasure galleons of the New World gleaned from 38 years as an underwater archaeologist. He shares his excitement and his frustrations over the artifacts found and lost through salvage and international bureaucracy. Robert F. Marx in 38 years as an underwater archaeologist, has discovered and excavated ancient shipwrecks in over 60 sites worldwide. he has written more than 50 books, several hundred scientific reports and popular articles, and produced or shot over 50 documentary films. This a new book, never sold or read. Shipping is $3.85 to US zip codes. International shipping $9.00 Flat rate Global Priority.