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This is all 144 episodes of In Search Of plus the two pilot episodes, Ancient Astronauts and Ancient Mysteries. Episodes are from the History Channel, not the A&E broadcast that edited out Leonard Nimoy, and are in broadcast order. Set comes on19 dvd+r discs, quality rates 7.5 to 8 out of 10 and is commercial free. Ships in paper sleeves and has no artwork.

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Disc 1-
Ancient Astronauts
Ancient Mysteries

Disc 2-
Other Voices
Strange Visitors aka Oracle Chamber
Ancient Aviators aka Ancient Flight
The Bermuda Triangle
Killer Bees
The Mummy's Curse

Disc 3-Martians
Psychic Detectives
A Call From Space
Learning ESP
Nazi Plunder
Amelia Earhart

Disc 4-
The Easter Island Massacre
Life After Death aka Near Death Experiences
The Loch Ness Monster
Inca Treasures

Disc 5-
The Lost Dutchman Mine aka Mother Lode
The Man Who Would Not Die
Mayan Mysteries
Michael Rockefeller
The Ogopogo Monster

Disc 6-
Pyramid Secrets
Dead Sea Scrolls
The Shark Worshipers
The Secrets of Life
The Swamp Monster

Disc 7-Hypnosis
Witch Doctors
Haunted Castles
Butch Cassidy
Deadly Ants
The Coming Ice Age
The Garden of Eden

Disc 8-
UFO Captives
Water Seekers aka Dowsing
Jack the Ripper
Siberian Fireball
The Great Lakes Triangle

Disc 9-
Monster Hunters aka Sasquatch
Bermuda Triangle
Indian Astronomers aka Mayan Legend
Sherlock Holmes
Lost Vikings
Dreams and Nightmares
Animal ESP
The Money Pit Mystery aka Captain Kidd

Disc 10-
Psychic Sea Hunt
The Angel of Death aka Joseph Mengele
Noah's Flood
The Diamond Curse
Ghostly Stakeout
Brain Power
Sodom and Gomorrah
King Tut

Disc 11-Tidal Waves
Carlos, The Most Wanted Man in the World
The Amityville Horror
UFO Australia
Immortal Sharks
The Lost Colony of Roanoke
The Shroud of Turin
Mexican Pyramids

Disc 12-
The Abominable Snowman
D.B. Cooper
The Ten Commandments aka Mount Sinai
The Dark Star aka The Dogons
The San Andreas Fault
The Missing Heir
Vincent Van Gogh

Disc 13-
Wild Children
The Ghost Ship aka Mary Celeste
Earth Visitors
John the Baptist
Air Disaster Predictions
The Bimini Wall
Glenn Miller
Past Lives

Disc 14-
UFO Coverups
Faith Healing
Lee Harvey Oswald
Daredevil Death Wish
Life After Life aka Out of Body Experiences
Moon Madness
Dangerous Volcanoes
The Lindbergh Kidnapping

Disc 15-
Jimmy Hoffa
Fountain of Youth
Laugh Therapy
Salem Witches
Super Children
The Great Wall of China
The Castle of Secrets aka Coral Castle

Disc 16-
Great Lovers
The Holy Grail
The Death of Marilyn Monroe
Chinese Explorers
The Hindenburg Mystery
The End of the World
The Lusitania
Sun Worshipers

Disc 17-
Jesse James
Ghosts in Photography
The Elephant Man
The Lincoln Conspiracy
Jim Jones
King Solomon's Mines

Disc 18-
The Tower of London
The Aztec Conquest
Houdini's Secrets
Hiroshima Survivors
The Titanic
Future Life
Spirit Voices

Disc 19-
The Human Aura
The Missing Link
Time and Space Travel
Eva Braun
The Walls of Jericho
Bishop Pike
The Ultimate Disaster
Life Before Birth