Item Description
Image Research IR-87 Home Theater System brand new in the box.
If you're a film or music lover, you probably yearn for the
crispest, clearest sounds to enhance your audio experience. And
with all the recent advancements in technology, there's never been
a better time to be an audiophile. If you've got the money to burn,
there's a vast array of options at your f­ingertips when it
comes to audio systems.  Image Referance has made this a
simple choice for many and continuies to this day. 
IMAGE Research IR-87 & nbsp;is an increadible addition
to any home theater.  Complete system is in the box. 
Connect your TV and these speakers for a 3D sound
experiance that you will never live without again.  Your party
will sound like a dance floor.  
Surround sound
works through the use of multiple

, each of which contributes a different audio
channel (or component of the original recording).
The system allows listeners to hear the full gamut of sound
provided by, say, a speeding car. First, you hear the car
approaching, then there's the sound of it humming beside you and
finally the faint hum of it i­n the distance as it zooms past
you. This is why some say full surround sound for a movielike
experience demands at least five speakers: front-center,
left-front, right-front, left-rear and right-rear. Film action and
dialogue are separated among the speakers for realism, and
background noise comes out of the back speakers. 
1400 Watts of Total Power
Built-in 5.1 Channel Powered Decoding
High-Quality Surround Reproduction of Analog
On-screen LCD Backlit Display
Built-in AM/FM Tuner with Automatic 20-Station
Preset Memory Tuning
Digital Interface Receiver Supporting
Input/Output Terminals for Any A/V System
Programmable to Respond to MP3, MP4, CD, DVD, AUX
Exclusive Multi-Channel Management System and
Level Control
Easy Setup and Smart Operation
HDTV Compatible
3.5 mm Direct Input for MP3/MP4 Players
Compatible with Blue Stream Technology
 MSRP $2999.00