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Ice World(Koori no Sekai \ Inanimate World)The Complete Japanese Drama DVD Collection (1-11 End) Japanese with English Subtitles Format: DVD Investigations on a mysterious woman Toko started when Sonoe, a teacher and Toko's fellow faculty member, was found dead as a result of what seemed to be an unfortunate accident. Eiki, an insurance investigator, and Takeshi, an ambitious police detective, find links between this case and the deaths of Toko's 3 fiances, and are determined to uncover the truth. Cast * Takenouchi Yutaka as Hirokawa Eiki (Investigator at Rose Life Insurance) * Matsushima Nanako as Egi Toko (Earth Sciences teacher at Eiwa Girls School) * Uchida Yuki as Shono Tsukiko (Hirokawa Eiki's girlfriend & police officer) * Kaneko Ken as Sakota Shogo (Egi Toko's college friend) * Katase Nana as Sakota Nanami (Sakoto Shogo's younger sister) * Matsuo Reiko as Ide Hitomi (Bartender at Ice Storm) * Nakamura Toru as Ujou Takeshi (Chief Detective, Machida City Police) * Nakajima Tomoko as Ujou Masako (Ujou Takeshi's wife) * Kimura Tae as Ikenaga Sonoe (English teacher at Eiwa Girls School) * Tayama Ryosei as Hirase Kazuhiko (Head of Investigation Department, Rose Life Insurance) * Tanihara Shosuke as Hiyama Toyohiko (Photo journalist, Egi Toko's fiance #1) * Yamaji Kazuhiro as Shibata Yoshinori (Psychiatrist, Egi Toko's fiance #2) * Oikawa Mitsuhiro as Hisamatsu Koichi (Restaurant owner, Egi Toko's fiance #3) * Tsukayama Masane Format : DVD Language : Japanese DVD Subtitles : English Episodes : 1 - 11 end Video: Excellent Quality Region : All code region free ( Playable on any DVD Player ) PS2, XBOX Compatible. DVD-ROM Compatible.