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  IBM Thinkpad T42 1.70GHz 14.1" Laptop

Internal Wireless 802.11 a/b/g/n FAST! Yes, you read it right, this laptop has 802.11n internal wireless PCI mini card!! NO WHERE ELSE YOU COULD FIND INTERNAL 802.11n in an T42, 300Mbps wireless speed (again, internal card) , only from digizon !! 10+ year ebay seller!!

Please spend some time to read through the description, which I spent lots of time to put together, also feel free to request more images in bigger size if the follow 20+ photos is not enough.

These units are in great working condition (see photo below to judge yourself, over 20 big images shown, give it a thorough look!). They show normal usage from their productive lives. They looks and feels solid and great cosmetic shape!

These systems come with fresh install of Windows XP (the Microsoft COA is on the laptop). The units have 512 MB of Ram (expandable to 2 Gig, very easy to do, only need to open the little door in the back, shown in the images below) , a  40 Gig hard drive, DVD reader , internal wireless N 300Mbps card, 14" screen  and an internal 56k modem.

The batteries are included and do hold a good charge, They hold a very good charge but I cannot warranty the actual time the units run away from AC power. Of course 1 AC Adapters is included and will run the laptop without issues. A docking station for each laptop is included so you can setup a small office with an external monitor and keyboard.

There are no dead pixels on the LCDs, great bright, sharp and crispy screen .

These systems are sold AS IS but do have a DOA warranty. They are working systems, thoroughly tested.

I have included some specs below:


Pentium M 1.7 Ghz


512 MB

Hard Drive

40 GB

DVD reader Drive

Included (Internal) Bonus upgrade to cdrw burner + dvd reader

Floppy Drive

Not Included




14" TFT


Included (holds a good charge)




1G internal RJ45 included (wired connection), besides, here is what is so great about this laptop, a internal Wireless N 802.11abgn card is installed, for up to 300Mbps wireless connection speed (all units are tested and included a screen shot of the wireless N connection), yes, wirelessly! you could save lots time with this high speed, you could even do HDTV with this highly portable system

AC Adaptor


Pointing Mouse



2 Slots


On-Board Sound


Internal Speakers

Operating System

Windows XP Professional, Pre-Installed and includes the Microsoft COA


only 4lb and 9.5oz of this system, see one of the photo below to see T42 sits on a scale. Great system to carry around the house, great for travelers, student!!


There are 2 bonus included in this auction:

1. free upgrade to CDRW Burner+ DVD reader, you could burn CDs with this drive.

2. free tracking point included as an extra bonus. The system has a track point (red dot mouse) already installed and in good shape. You will get an extra one!


1. $9: an extra AC Adapters will be included so you could have adapter in multiple locations (highly recommended).

2. $15: A docking station for each laptop will be included so you can setup a small office with an external monitor and keyboard.(highly recommended!)

3. $39: A 2nd SATA HDD caddy so you could use 2.5" SATA laptop harddrives to expand you hard disk space.

4. $24: A 2nd IDE HDD caddy so you could use 2.5" IDE hard drives laying around the house to extra space


this image to show the memory upgrade, just open the little door and pop the extra memory in, you are all set, no need to ope the T42

upgrade HDD to a bigger size is easy, just unscrew the HDD (show in picture below), and swap the bigger HDD, easy to upgrade for extra storage.

this screen shot is to show the wireless N 300Mbps connection. The T42 was 2 floors away from the Linksys WRT600N wireless router, which is located in the basement. It still have an excellent connection, and connected in a very impressive 270Mbps wirelessly via the internal 802.11n wireless card.

here is the free bonus upgrade from dvd reader to cdrw+dvd rom, you could burn your cd right away or do important back ups.


Some thoughts: The T42 is great and famous system because it is the last Thinkpad line before IBM sold to Lenovo, it is famous for its size, thin and light, yet powerful performance. It is only around 1" thin and weight only 4'9.5" (see photo below). I have this system set up with a docking station (connected to a monitor and a number of USB device, and 3 AC adapters (one in my car, to power the T42 down the road). A docking station and extra AC adapter are highly recommended.


All photos shot from the real item, please don't copy without permission!

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