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I'm Sorry I Love YouThe Complete Korean Drama dvd collection (1 - 16 End) Korean with Accurate English Subtitles Format: DVD I am Sorry but I love you is a sad, heartbreaking K-Drama about an extreme, death-defying love. Cha Mu Hyeok (So Ji Sub) is a man who faces death every single day. Abandoned by his birth mother, Mu Hyeok was raised by an Australian family since the age of two. But Mu Hyeok left his adopted family at the age of ten, and began to live a life not unlike a wild dog. Working as a drug pusher, pimp, or a gang member, Mu Hyeok's life eventually takes a tragic turn: two bullets become lodged in his head, meaning Mu Hyeok could die at any time! However, Mu Hyeok has a plan: revenge. Determined to gain revenge on his birth mother, and to die in his homeland of Korea, Mu Hyeok plans for his final days. But he discovers that both his birth mother and his twin brother, Choi Yun (Chung Kyeong Ho) are top stars in Korea. Mu Hyeok creates a new plan: he signs on as his brother's manager to ruin him. But along the way, he falls deeply in love with his brother's program coordinator, Song Eun Chae (Yim Soo Jung)... Starring: So Ji-Seop, Im Su-Jeong, Jeong Gyeong-Ho. Director: Lee Hyeong-Min. Format : DVD Language : Korean DVD Subtitles : English Episodes : 1 - 16 end Video: Excellent Quality Region : All code region free ( Playable on any DVD Player ) PS2, XBOX Compatible. DVD-ROM Compatible. FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ADDITIONAL ITEMS. FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ADDITIONAL ITEMS.