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Dolph Lunndgren I COME IN PEACE DVD.
 NTSC Format and will play on ALL U.S. and Canada
DVD/Blu-ray players.
Includes DVD, Case and Artwork shown in listing.
92 Minutes   
Houston cop Jack Caine (
Dolph Lundgren) does not let the rules
of police procedure prevent him pursuing his mission to wipe out
the White Boys, a gang of ultra
white collar
drug dealers who
killed his partner while Caine was waylayed stopping a
convenience store robbery.
The White boys disguise their aberrant
trafficking behind rows of expensive luxury sports cars,
executive level jobs, and flashy designer suits. Led by the vicious
but urbane Victor Manning, the White Boys operate above direct
accusation but not suspicion. Law enforcement knows they are dirty,
but they cannot prove it. Caine is determined to bring them
Caine’s superior is tired of his
unusual and less-than-proper tactics. Caine's girlfriend,
coroner Diane Pallone (
Betsy Brantley), wants him to make a
commitment to their relationship.
When the White Boys steal a shipment of
heroin from a federal evidence repository, they
kill and injure numerous people by blowing up the facility with a
powerful bomb to conceal their involvement. This brings the
attention of the
FBI which becomes involved in Caine's
vendetta against the White Boys. Caine is paired with a by-the-book
partner, FBI agent Laurence Smith (
Brian Benben). They investigate the drug
theft and subsequent murder of several key White Boys soldiers.
Smith wants Caine to follow official investigative procedure, but
Caine does not change his ways. He disregards Smith's interference
and begins to suspect that the Feds are investigating more than the
White Boys' activities.
Caine’s instincts soon prove right;
there’s more to this matter than meets the eye. The first
clue is the murder weapon used in the White Boys’ massacre: a
hyper-fast, super-sharp, deadly vibrating disk like nothing Caine
or Smith has ever seen. The second is a series of drug-related
killings that have Diane—and everyone else—very
puzzled. The corpses are full of heroin, but the cause of death is
not drug overdose. Caine and Smith do not follow the department
manual in their pursuit of answers. They end up on the trail of
Talec (
Matthias Hues), a vicious
extraterrestrial drug
Talec shoots his victims full of drugs and
then uses otherworldly technology to extract
endorphins from their
brains, synthesizing them into a substance to be peddled to addicts
on his home planet. He is being pursued by an alien cop named Azeck
Jay Bilas), who warns Caine and Smith that if
Talec is not stopped, Talec will pave the way for thousands of
intergalactic drug thugs to come to Earth and slaughter its
population. Putting their differences aside, Smith and Caine team
up to pursue Talec. 
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