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Get the Girl or Guy of Your Dreams....Today!
The Original and Still the Greatest Book of Hypnotic Seduction Poetry.

These seduction poems give you the ability to hypnotize women and give them post-hypnotic suggestions to adore and want you - simply by reading them some mildly erotic poems.

The NLP for PUA Foreword explains the hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) language patterns used to capture and lead a woman's imagination (and body) into bed.

Now with a FREE MP3 Audio of the entire book 'Hypnopoetics'
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Here are some of the many positive comments aout these eBooks and Audio Files:

"Women accept them because of their unobtrusive and romantic nature, without realizing the deep hidden commands that are taking place ..." (Richard G. Butler PhD DD)

"Thanks they really do work astonishing well. esp when the 7 hypnosis secrets are applied" (Anon)

"OMG!!!! This is amazing! Even this sample worked like magic!" (Bob)

"wow... These rocked my life! Thanks!" (Anon)

"My wife loves the poems and when I put her into a trance and read them to her I get Great results." (Bill)

"I read your poem to one woman who I haven't touched in years....She is literally begging me now since getting back in touch with me (bumped into each other at work and was still horny for me anyway,) but now even more so, she is practically dripping thru the phone as I read poems to her....(she thinks I write them). She said she let her female friend listen and her friend said it made her panties wet (to stop it!!)." (Anon)

"I'll be your spokes person!! Or that guy on the freeway with a sign saying "I Love Hypnopoetics!" " Perrin

"The only comment I have for you is....when is the next book going to be available? girl told me to give you her here it is... instantly.
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You could be learning Erotic Hypnosis and Hypnotic Seduction this week!