Item Description
Stay hydrated with a 2 Liter Hydration Bladder with Hose and Bite Valve Dehydration is a serious matter on the playing field. It doesn't take long for your system to dehydrate with physical activity whether its hot or cold (though its much worse in the summer heat!). Once you let your hydration level drop below optimum it takes longer to get back to 100%.Don't let it happen to you!These odorless and tasteless water bladders will hold up to two liters of thirst-quenching water or other fluids. A wide-mouth fill port with screw top and seal makes filling and adding ice cubes quick and easy. A polyurethane hose with bite valve lets you drink hands-free, even while on the move. You'll be amazed how much longer and more comfortably you can play when a refreshing drink is readily available. A must before your next big game/ scenario! Hydration Bladder With Hose and Bite Valve features:
- 2 liter capacity
- Odorless and tasteless polyurethane bladder
- Poly hose with bite valve for hands-free drinking
- Wide mouth fill port with sealed screw top
- Keeps your body going longer, lose less game time
- Conveniently fits in hydration back packs and tactical vests with bladder pouches (sold seperately)