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Up for grabs is the elusive
soundtrack to the 80's George Lucas classic film
HOWARD THE DUCK on CD. This version features complete
soundtrack as well as four bonus tracks. Totally amazing
music from Thomas Dolby and the Great Lea Thompson! This CD
is a must for any lover of 80's music. This CD comes complete
with full color inserts and picture disc. It is the highest
quality available on ioffer. Too cool for school.
1. Hunger City - Dolby's Cube
featuring Cherry Bomb
2. Howard the Duck - Dolby's Cube
featuring Cherry Bomb
3. Don't Turn Away - Thomas
4. It Don't Come Cheap - Dolby's
Cube featuring Cherry Bomb
5. I'm On My Way - Dolby's Cube
featuring Tata Vega
6. Lullaby of Duckland - John
7. Journey To Earth - John
8. You're the Duckiest - John
9. Ultralight Flight - John
10. Deddy-Bye for Howard - John
11. Dark Overlord - John
Bonus Tracks
12. Howard The Duck (Extended Mix) -
Dolby's Cube
13. May The Cube Be With
You - Dolby's Cube
14. Don't Turn Away(Extended
Mix) - Thomas Dolby
15. Dolby's Cube - Dolby's