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The third set of Howard Stern DVDs are now available. This
set is DVD-R burned. Please make sure your dvd player supports

This is my newest set with tons of celebs interviewed by
Howard including Hugh Jackman, Bruno, Leeann Tweeden,Quentin
Tarantino, Kardashian Sisters, Steve-O, Chuck Norris, Hulk Hogan,
James Caan, Michael Moore, Billy Idol, Jesse Ventura, Bryce Dallas
Howard, Tara Reid, Donald Trump, Trish Stratus, and so much
more. Plus tons of hot chicks.

Vol.1: 4/29/09 Hi-Pitch Eric, 4/30/09 Hugh Jackman, Richard
gets waxed, 5/4/09 Howard and Beth's fight

Vol.2: Howard Mad at Gary & Scott the Engineer, Howard
punishes Hi-Pitch Eric for going on another radio show, 7/29/09
Brooke Hogan and boyfriend, 7/28/09 Mary Jo Buttafuoco, 7/29/08
Lisa G's new bra size

Vol.3: 5/20/08 Gary's Breath, Bowling Beauties Show #2, '06
Jenny McCarthy/Lie Detector, '02 Elephant Boy/Gay Wheel of Sex

Vol.4: 2/25/09 "Who Wants a Threesome" Contest w\ Lexi Belle,
'06 Guess what's in my ass w\ Gina Lynn, '07 World's Strongest
Penthouse Pet/ Staff shows their strengths

Vol.5: 3/18/09 Dr. Drew analyzes Robin, 3/18/09 Gary &
Suzan Lewis, '03 Naked Daredevil, '07 Bubba's NYC Show #1

Vol.6: Butt Billionaire w\ Kylee, Steve-O and girlfriend Dee
return, Kira Reed and Taimie get spanked, 7/13/09 Sacha Baron Cohen
as "Bruno", Howard and Robin's photo fight

Vol.7: Beetlejuice Camping on the Billboard, Kelsey Grammer
& wife Camille, Leeann Tweeden, Penthouse Pet Charlie Laine

Vol.8: 3/12/09 Hi-Pitch Mike's website/Artie nods off,
3/12/09 Mexican Delivery guy game w\ Tory & Kagney, 3/17/09
Miss HTV Apr. '09, 3/17/09 Miss HTV '08, Interview w\ a Porn Star
w\ Pinky

Vol.9: '06 Valentina Vaughn, Howard Stern Roast, '97 Queen of
Yodeling, '06 Artie Roast Mayhem

Vol.10: 8/17/09 Quentin Tarantino, It's Just Wrong w\ Benjy
and KC, Ronnie v. Howard w\ Relationship Pat Croce, 8/17/09 Gary's
Toe Fungus Returns, Artie's Party: Search for Mrs. Howard TV

Vol.11: This is Beetle Show #1, Miss HTV Nov. '09, David
Letterman's 1st appearance, Tabitha Stevens Porn Auditions,
10/28/09 Beetlejuice Mismatch Game

Vol.12: Chuck Norris & fiancee Monica, 7/13/09 Sal's
vacation/Artie's DUI, Stripper sisters kiss & spank, Wheel of
Benjy w\ Carmen Luvana & Violet, 7/16/09 Robin's new bra size

Vol.13: 10/28/09 Hulk Hogan, 10/27/09 Ronnie's Rick's trip,
10/29/09 Bigfoot's New Halloween CD

Vol.14: 11/10/09 Camel Toe Patent Arguement, 11/10/09
Foreigner, 11/11/09 Sara Jean Underwood, 11/11/09 Train

Vol.15: 12/8/09 Kim & Khloe Kardashian, Wild and Sexy
Porn Star Special, 12/9/09 50 Cent

Vol.16: 12/10/09 Saddest Virgin Contest, 12/10/09 Scott the
Engineer Returns to Vegas, '07 Staff Plays Secret Santa, '06 Gary
the Retard goes Christmas Shopping, E! Show: Steve-O and Girlfriend
do various stunts

Vol.17: 12/16/09 John the Stutterer and escort Natasha,
12/16/09 Hottest Cougar Contest, 12/17/09 Benjy Party Controversy,
'06 Holiday Gift Wood Chipper

Vol.18: 12/21/09 Dr. Drew, 12/23/09 Grillo on the Red Carpet,
12/24/09 Grillo at Comic Con, '04 Get John's Job w\ Joey Boots

Vol.19: Private Dance-Zina, Private Dance-Paige and Liz, '01
Mickey the Stripper, '03 America's Smartest Stripper Round 2,
Best of the Wrap Up Show 12/14-12/17/09, 12/22/09 Stephen Stills

Vol.20: 1/19/10 Artie Update, 1/19/10 JD & Ashley Dupree
Date Recap, 1/18/10 Eric the Midget Shows his Math Skills, 1/20/10
Gary v. Yucko the Clown, 1/20/10 Guess who's the Jew Returns

Vol.21: '06 Building Howard's New Studio, '06 Behind the
Scenes Day 1, '02 Biggest Wigger Contest, '00 Lil' Kim, '98
Howard's Birthday Bash Pt. 1, '08 Win Fred's Money w\ John &

Vol.22: Best of the Wrap Up Show 9/8-9/10/09, Phil Collins,
9/14/09 rod Blagojevich, 9/14/09 Dustin Hoffman & Marisa Tomei
call in for contest, 9/15/09 Lisa Lampanelli

Vol.23: '08 Prinzzess & Erica Ellyson, 12/18/08 Secret
Santa, 12/17/08 Robin's Wine, '06 Miss Howard Stern & Trent

Vol.24: 12/8/08 Artie Lied!, 12/9/08 Funniest Hottest Chick,
12/9/08 Artie saw Gary's paycheck

Vol.25: 12/02/08 Artie's Out, 12/03/08 Artie's Appt.,
12/03/08 AVN Trip Game, 12/04/08 T.I.

Vol.26: 9/23/09 Michael Moore, Beetlejuice names the state
capitals, Wheel of Beetlejuice, Best of the Wrap up Show

Vol.27: 10/08/09 Jim Florentine, Mystery Guest: Billy Idol,
10/07/09 Bai Ling, 10/7/09 Sal's Geography Knowledge, Beetlejuice
Argues w\ A

Vol.28: Howard gets mad at Julia Roberts & Julia
responds, Dixie Chicks

Vol.29: '03 Uma Thurman, Eve Squirts Water

Vol.30: '01 Playboy Mansion Pt. 1, James Caan discusses his
movie Elf, '01 Playboy Mansion Pt. 2, '01 Playboy Mansion Pt. 3,
What's New for his September '09
Vol.31: '01 Beetlejuice painted green, '98 Julie Ashton's new
toy, Miss HTV March '09, 2/25/09 50 Cent, 2/26/09 Rosie O'Donnell

Vol.32: '02 Yaqi tickles girls, 12/01/08 Hi-Pitch Mike's
secret, 12/01/08 Hi- Pitch Eric's eating, 12/02/08 Pregnant Bunny
Ranch girl

Vol.33: Jillian Grace, Scores Miami opening, Mary Carey gets
head flushed, Houston & Courtney Love Pt. 2, Jesse Jane in
tickle chair

Vol.34: Erica the Gymnast Pt. 1-3, Valentina Vaughn Pt. 1-2

Vol.35: Porn Star Beauty Pageant, Janice Dickinson

Vol.36: 12/2/09 Sal wants Gary's wife, 12/3/09 John Stamos,
12/3/09 Pornstar Lisa Ann, '04 Porn Factor, '98 Jenna Jameson
discusses dating Tommy Lee

Vol.37: Miss HTV Apr. '09, 3/30/09 Ozzy & Sharon
Osbourne, 3/30/09 Robin defends Tim's diet, 3/31/09 Flo Rida

Vol.38: 10/4/04 Stump the Booey w\ Dave Navarro & Savanna
Samson, Sal & Lisa G fight, Doug Stanhope and his girlfriend

Vol.39: Ann the 75 year old porn star, Lisa Marie Presley

Vol.40: 10/26/09 Rosie O'Donnell, 11/4/09 Dane Cook, 10/21/09
Intern Pete's Date Choice

Vol.41: 3/5/09 Sophia Rossi, 3/3/09 Robin's dating status,
3/5/09 Kevin Nealon, Mystery Guest: James Caan, '98 Caroline gets
measured for a bra

Vol.42: '99 Riley Martin & his son Eric, '00 Kyra
Sedgwick, 3/19/09 Gary v. Pittsburgh Pete, 3/19/09 A. J. Morgan
shows her talents, Best of the Wrap Up Show 3/16-3/19/09

Vol.43: 11/5/09 Scott's DJ gig in Vegas, Best of the Wrap Up
Show 10/19-10/22/09, Best of the Wrap Up show 10/26-10/29/09, Julie
Bowen plays Win Fred's Money, Gary Cries

Vol.44: Get John's Job w\ Shuli, 11/24/09 Gary's Photograph
blunder, 11/25/09 April Macie, 11/26/09 Yucko the Clown mad at
Gary, Sal Cries over staff's comments, This is Beetle Show #5

Vol.45: 2/23/09 Artie's card game in Vegas, Killers of Comedy
On the Road #6, 2/24/09 Miss HTV March '09, 2/24/09 Bubba's kid,
'06 Crackhead Bob and Sophia

Vol.46: 2/3/09 Gary Scolded, 2/4/09 Artie buys Urine, 2/4/09
Johnny Knoxville, 2/5/09 Beetlejuice v. Artie, 2/5/09 Artie v. Gary

Vol.47: Miss HTV Feb. '09, 1/29/09 Staff mocks Gary

Vol.48: 8/18/08 Miss HTV Sept. '08, 8/19/08 Artie tries on
Lisa G's sweater/Howard discusses George Takei's wedding

Vol.49: 7/27/09 George Takei returns, 7/23/09 Who is the Best
Dad?, Best of the Wrap Up Show 7/20-7/23/09, 7/27/09 Jim Breuer

Vol.50: 5/19/09 Sal's Spelling Screw Up, 5/21/09 Artie Chokes
on Toast, 5/21/09 Bryce Dallas Howard, 5/4/05 Jim Breuer, 1/30/07
Bam and Missy Margera

Vol.51: Melrose Larry Green attacks Stern staff, 7/14/09
Intern Likes JD, American Pie 2 Girls visit, 7/16/09 Mary Carey w\
Dad & Stepmom

Vol.52: '04 Get John's Job w\ Yucko the Clown, 12/129/09
Howard's Keys to Success, Miss HTV Jan. '10, 12/31/09 Howard &
Lisa G Roll Calls, 12/30/09 Jesse Ventura

Vol.53: 10/14/08 Sarah Silverman, 10/16/08 Maureen McCormick,
10/15/08 Labiaplasty Scam (Howard throws them out), 10/15/08 David
Alan Grier, 10/16/08 Colin Quinn

Vol.54: '01 Password w\ Beetlejuice & Gary the Retard,
11/3/08 Marathon Talk & Natalie Maines plays "When I See Beth
Smiling," Wack Pack at the Christy's #1, Wendy the Retard meets
Gary the Retard

Vol.55: 7/30/09 Judd Apatow & Seth Rogen, 7/30/09 Seth
Rogen Stays for Wheel of Sex segment, Tera Patrick in the Tickle
Chair, Girl Who Lights Up a Room, Jasmin St. Claire & Nico

Vol.56: Playmate Courtney Rachel Culkin, Sophia Rossi rides
the sybian, Richard tests machine/Princess Donna, Miss Nude
Worlds/Benjy kisses Barbee, Best of the Wrap Up Show 8/10-8/13/09

Vol.57: Best of the Wrap Up Show 6/8-6/11/09, Wheel of Benjy
w\ Gina Lynn and Nadia Styles, Sandra Taylor and William Shatner,
Best of the Wrap Up Show 6/15-6/18/09, Playmate Lillian Muller

Vol.58: 10/1/08 Andrew Dice Clay, 10/1/08 Ronnie Upset,
10/2/08 Cassia Riley plays Mexican Delivery Guy game, 10/2/08
Yucko's divorce

Vol.59: Richard meets the Foo Fighters, Savanna Samson gets
naked, Jenna Jameson massage, Blind Beauty Pageant Pt. 1 & 2

Vol.60: 2/27/06 Donald Trump & kids, 2/28/06 Anna Benson,
3/1/06 Chyna

Vol.61: Lorraine spanks Richard, Nikki Ziering, Triumph the
Insult Comic Dog, Beetlejuice boxes Sal, Scores "Best Of" Bloopers

Vol.62: Juliette Lewis & the Licks, Melissa & Krista
Playboy evaluations, National Anthem Girl, Lita & Trish from

Vol.63: 2/10/10 Jackie Martling, 2/9/10 Captain Janks Update,
2/10/10 JD rejected by Ashley Dupre, 2/11/10 Benicio Del Toro, '04
Steve-O and Alyssa Lovelace

Vol.64: 2/16/10 Charlie Murphy, 2/17/10 Howard on Rosie
Radio, 2/18/10 Dave Attell, '06 Sal Dumps Confetti on Gary, Old E!
Show: 5/7/02 the Rock/Kelly Hu

Vol.65: '01 Ray Liotta/Croy, '00 Swedish Bikini Team, 2/22/10
Miss HTV March '10, 2/22/10 Fred Schneider

Vol.66: 2/25/10 Riley Steele, 2/25/10 Tracy Morgan, Johnny
Knoxville/Joey Boots puts Icy Hot on his nuts, Miss HTV March '10,
'01 Jenna Jameson, 3/2/10 Howard on CBS Early Show

Vol.67: 3/2/10 Howard on CBS Early Show, Best of the Wrap Up
Show 2/22-2/25/10, Bonus Show #1, Bonus Show #2, Bonus Show #3, '03
Wee-Man, Napier Brothers, and Yucko the Clown Evaluate Emily,
3/1/10 Beetlejuice, '04 Get John's Job w\ Reverend Bob Levy Pt. 2

Vol.68: 3/2/10 Joan Rivers, 3/1/10 Lisa Lampanelli, 3/2/10
Howard on CBS Early Show (This is the HTV Version, with all of the
behind the scenes stuff), 3/3/10 Harry Shearer

Vol.69: 3/3/10 Mr. Skin Awards, '02 Hi-Pitch Eric on the
street w\ Strap-On Zana, '07 Pamela Anderson w\ Magician Hans Klok,
3/4/10 Cockyoke, Bonus Show #4

Vol.70: Best of 5/22-5/26/06, Wack-Packers and Staff get
hypnotized, Elliot Offen punches wall

Vol.71: '04 American Idol Judges, '01 Mr. T won't Arm
Wrestle, 3/8/10 Tommy James, 3/8/10 Amy & Scout Topless
Stand-Up, 3/9/10 Eric the Midget Multiplies

Vol.72: 1/6/10 JD's Women & Family Update, 1/6/10 Dr.
Drew, '06 Sirius Studio Rehearsal Day 1

Vol.73: 1/11/10 Medicated Pete's First Kiss, 1/11/10 Hein Bat
Mitzvah Recap, 1/12/10 Ashley Dupre, 1/12/10 Howard's 56th Birthday

Vol.74: '06 First Day at Sirius Press Conference, 1/7/10
Benjy v. Tracey, 1/7/10 Artie Suicide News Reaction, '03 America's
Smartest Stripper Finale

Vol.75: 1/13/10 Howard Gives JD Date Advice, 1/14/10 Lisa G
Mad at Jason, '06 Sirius Studio Rehearsal Day 2, 1/13/10 Herschel

Vol.76: '99 Banana Sucking contest, Miss HTV Feb. '10, Best
of the Wrap Up Show 1/25-1/28/10, '04 Restless, Restless contest,
'02 World's Most Perfect Breasts, 2/1/10 Howard rips on Leno

Vol.77: '02 Catherine Bell from JAG, Best of the Wrap Up Show
2/1-2/4/10, '07 Sal & Wife w\ Dr. Keith Ablow

Vol.78: 3/9/10 Jesse Ventura, '04 Get John's Job Finale, '06
Film Festival Stunts w\ Hi-Pitch Eric

Vol.79: 4/5/10 John the Fan thanks Howard, 4/6/10 Richard
Roeper, 4/6/10 Medicated Pete's Impressions, 4/7/10 Ryan Seacrest's
"Girlfriend," 4/7/10 Benjy's Mystery Relative

Vol.80: Howard's Hottest Nudes w\ Mr. Skin Pt. 1, 4/5/10
Tiger Woods mistress Joslyn James, Painting Bar Girls Breasts for
Easter (see if you can pick out Missy Hyatt), '02 Simon Cowell

Vol.81: 4/8/10 Sybian creator David Lampert (hilarious!!!!),
'07 Richard and Sal's Face "Painting," '04 Stump the Booey w\ Frank
& Theresa, Bonus Show #9,

Vol.82: Jesus Twins Perform live, The Jesus Twins return to
argue their new cause

Vol.83: '03 Jimmy Kimmel & Carson Daly, 5/3/10 Dion Roy
performs w\ Will the Farter, '03 Kat Kleevage & Hi-Pitch Eric,
5/5/10 Jesse James mistress Michelle "Bombshell" McGee

Vol.84: 4/27/10 Gary v. Tracey, 4/28/10 Gary's Book
Announcement, 4/29/10 Hulk Hogan, '07 Date Jackie's Wife, '04 David

Vol.85: 5/16/06 Jeff the Drunk & Siobhan Phone, 5/16/06
John Daly, Robin's Polygraph Test

Vol.86: 12/1/09 Ronnie's Show, 12/1/09 Win Fred's Money w\
Doug, 11/30/09 Robin's Jeopardy Recap, 12/2/09 Howie Mandel

Vol.87: Best of the Week 2/20-2/24/06, Breast Exams w\ Chris
Titus, Savanna Samson, Beetljuice's Birthday

Vol.88: Howard's Hottest Nudes w\ Mr. Skin Pt. 2, '99 Conan
O'Brien, 4/12/10 Ronnie at Rick's in Texas, 4/8/10 Martina

Vol.89: 3/10/10 Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant, 3/10/10
Mistress Beauty Pageant Press Conference, 2/23/10 Tracey v. Scott,
'96 Painting of the Green

Vol.90: 3/23/10 Robin's Mission in Guatemala, 3/25/10 Ben
Stiller, 3/25/10 Richard Lewis, 3/24/10 Stump the Booey w\ Neil,
3/29/10 Mary McCormack

Vol.91: 3/22/10 Howard's Parents Sleep over, '07 Sal falls in
Florida/Ralph and Doug argue, 3/22/10 Gabourey Sidibe controversy,
3/24/10 Miss HTV Apr. '10

Vol.92: 4/12/10 Ryan Phillippe, 4/14/10 Jesse Jane, 4/14/10
Buzz Aldrin, '03 Goldust

Vol.93: '07 Richard & Sal perform a stunt to get Artie on
the scale, '10 Penthouse Pet Heidi Baron, '99 Victoria Silvstedt,
Howard's Hottest Nudes w\ Mr. Skin Pt. 3

Vol.94: 4/13/10 Howard revises the bathroom list, '03 Jimmy
Kimmel, 4/13/10 Tila Tequila, 4/20/10 Rob Barnett-Howard's old boss

Vol.95: 4/22/10 New Glasses & Ronnie snaps, 4/22/10
Richard & Sal's New Rule, '96 Jay Leno, 4/19/10 JD's New Date,
4/15/10 Lupe Fuentes

Vol.96: 3/7/06 Show-Michael Dowd (Dirty Cop), 3/8/06
Show-Norah Vincent

Vol.97: Fred Norris Bachelor Party, Jackie Puppet, Pat Cooper
Blows up

Vol.98: Get My Daddy Laid (Bunny Ranch), Dyanna Lauren

Vol.99: 5/13/10 Robert Downey Jr. Phoner, Bonus Show #14, '04
Craig Ferguson, 5/17/10 Ashton Kutcher, 5/17/10 Howard's LA Trip

Vol.100: Brandi Love in Robo-Spanker, Nicole Richie, Wack
Pack Protesters, Twins, Stupid Bowl
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