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The first set of Howard Stern DVDs are now available.
This set is DVD-R burned. Please make sure your dvd player supports
Tons of GREAT interviews, great celebrities!! Jenna James,
Pamela Anderson, Vanessa Williams, Tito Ortiz, Donald Trump, Dennis
Rodman, Evander Holyfield, Jose Canseco, Iron Shiek, Jason Reitman,
Christy Hemme, Ozzy Osbourne, Steve-O, David Letterman, Sable,
Chevy Chase, Carmen Electra, and soo much more!!!!!!

Vol.1: 1/30/08 Sal Cries, 2/6/08 Jenna Jameson/Tito Ortiz #2

Vol.2:'96 Ozzy Osbourne, '02 Evander Holyfield/Hasim Rahman,
4/10/08 Jason Reitman

Vol.3: '00 James Woods. '08 HTV Animated Shorts, '05 Martina
W.\Natalia-Penthouse Pets, 4/21/08 Artie Quits- Artie/Teddy Fight
(Crazy!!!- Artie snaps)

Vol.4: Mary Carey, John the Stutter, Tito Ortiz #1, Gary Sick

Vol.5: '07 Jackie v. Fred, 2/13/08 Flo-Rida

Vol.6: '03 Pamela Anderson, 3/24/08 Artie's Waist, '95 Easter
Body painting

Vol.7: 7/16/08 Donald Trump/MMA fight, 7/16/08 Miss HTV
August '08, 7/15/08 Dave Attell/USO stories, '07 Scott Depace v.
Jason Kaplan fight, 7/17/08 Don Felder of the Eagles

Vol.8: 7/22/08 Sal v. Artie, 7/22/08 Jason's Debt, 7/24/08
Ronnie game

Vol.9: '07 Howard/Gary & Sal fight, '07 Artie attacks
Sal, 7/07/08 HTV Commercials, '07 Howard/Artie fight

Vol.10: '07 Robin v. Fred fight, '05 Worst Comic Sitting,
7/14/08 Eric the Midget's Meet and Greet, 7/14/08 Artie &
Gary's Afghanistan stories

Vol.11: '01 AJ Benza hits Stuttering John, 7/24/08 Sal's
cupcake manners, '07 Sal & Gary fight

Vol.12: Artie Drunk in Vegas, '06 Chris Kanyon, Games w/
Richard & Sal, Conan O'Brien v. Jackie Puppet, Sacha Baron
Cohen, Balloon Fetish Model, Thanksgiving with the Wack Pack,
Howard's 52nd Birthday, Beetlejuice sleeps on a Billboard

Vol.13: Christy Hemme, Courtney Culkin, Kimberly Stewart

Vol.14: Vanessa Williams, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourn, Office
Beauty Pagent

Vol.15: Stern on 60 Minutes, Naked DareDevil, Sal Cabby
Bathroom Incident

Vol.16: Jenna Jameson, Candise Michelle, Sal and Richard Time
Square, Voyeur Bus Girls

Vol.17: Steve-O, Yoga with Benji, Miss Nude World, Supertwink

Vol.18: Porn Factor with Vivid Girls, Beth & Double A,
Miss Girls Gone Wild

Vol.19: Sal vs. Robin, Ralph Roast

Vol.20: George Takai Gets Pranked, Artie First Apperance,
Beetlejuice First Apperance

Vol.21: Tiny Tim, Gina Lynn

Vol.22: David Letterman, Farrah Fawcett, Woman shoots wiskey

Vol.23: Artie Roast Mayhem

Vol.24: Artie Roast, David Lee Roth

Vol.25: 10/22/08 Christian Slater, 10/22/08 Robin is a
cougar, 10/23/08 Lisa G is dull, '07 Halloween Special, '08
Halloween Special

Vol.26: '07 Howard & Beth's Engagement party, '95
Halloween breast painting, The Masturbators, '07 Tricia Helfer

Vol.27: '07 Sal Falls/Skating with the Tards, 2/25/08 Steve-O
Raps, 2/21/08 Stephen Baldwin

Vol.28: 1999 Gary's "I Want You Back" Tape Screening

Vol.29: 8/12/08 Fred the Elephant Boy plays waxing wrestling
trivia, 8/12/08 Tommy Chong, 8/13/08 Bob Saget holds intervention
for Artie

Vol.30: 9/16/08 JD's skills, 9/17/08 Biggest Loser gets date
at the Bunny Ranch, 9/17/08 Cupcake controversy/Miss HTV Oct. '08,
'95 Robin's Polygraph test

Vol.31: 7/30/08 Mel Karmazin/Merger Talk, 7/31/08 Pamela
Anderson, 7/31/08 Hulk Hogan

Vol.32: 8/27/08 Artie's Gay PSA, 8/28/08 JD at Night of Too
Many Stars, '06 Napier Brothers, '99 Benjy Wrestles Jasmine St.

Vol.33: Smarter Than Miss Howard Stern, Sal And Artie Fight 1

Vol.34: Beth MAD, Ronnies Prank, Secret Santa, Zenaida Perez,
Enough $ To Retire

Vol.35: Penthouse Pet Pageant 2, Gary Cries ,Sal's Wife

Vol.36: Fantastic Four Game, Worst Comic Sitting, Win Fred's
Money, Stacey Hayes

Vol.37: Hiedi Cortez, Montley Crew, Stump the Booey,
Sylvester Stallone

Vol.38: Howard mad at Gary, Hi-Lo Game w\ Jennifer Walcott,
Gary the Retard goes shopping, Croy visits, Lori Lust visits

Vol.39: Pam Anderson, Hi Lo Game, Fantastic Four Game

Vol.40: Foo Fighters, Savanah Samson, Jenna Jameson, Blind
Beauty Pagenant

Vol.41: Miss Howard Stern New Breasts Implants, Johnny Toxic
Pornographer, Howard paints stripper breasts, Rita perfect breasts,
Dynamite Porn Star

Vol.42: Artie Break Up, Mexican Deliever, gift fight, Jessica

Vol.43: Artie Drunk, Karina Porn Star Naked Daredevil,
Playboy Kira Reed

Vol.44: Stripper sits on Howard's B-Day cake, Mary Carey IQ
Test, Houston & Courtney Love Pt. 1, Jessica Rabbit gets
evaluated, Shaved or Unshaved Pt. 1, Johnny Knoxville/Joey Boots
puts icy hot on balls

Vol 45: Jim Breuer, Beetlejuice v. Hank the Angry Drunken
Dwarf, George Takei, Meet the Sterns

Vol.46: '99 Sable, Dennis Rodman & Robin's date, '07
Behind the Scenes w\ Howard 100 News, '03 Las Vegas show #8, '03
Ronnie goes to Scores Las Vegas

Vol.47: Best of the Wrap Up Show 9/29-10/2/08, History of the
Sybian, 10/6/08 Benjy's Food

Vol.48: 10/8/08 AC/DC, 10/7/08 Perez Hilton & Beth O,
10/9/08 Tony Rock, '07 Win Fred's Money w\ Jennifer

Vol.49: '06 Cara Buono/Richard and Sal try to out-Jackass
Steve-O & Bam Margera, '07 Battle of the Blobs

Vol.50: 9/29/08 Iron Shiek, 9/29/08 Howard's Bachelor Party,
9/30/08 Ronnie v. Artie

Vol.51: Sal stalks Ace Frehley, Stump the Perv w\ Krystal
Steal, Shaved or Unshaved Pt. 2

Vol.52: '02 Stuttering John/Cabbie Boxing Match, 8/20/08
George's Friar Club Roast

Vol.53: '04 Flavor Flav & Bridgette Nielsen, Best of Wrap
Up Show 9/8-9/11/08, 9/15/08 Levy/Bonaduce fight recap & Zoe

Vol.54: Artie & Gary on the USO Tour, 9/18/08 Chevy
Chase, 9/18/08 Houston the pornstar, Oxana Federova/Miss Universe

Vol.55: '02 Stuttering John/Cabbie Weigh-in, '07 JD &
Robin arm wrestle/Ronnie's look, '03 Stump the Booey w\ Blondes,
'98 Playmate wrestles Howard

Vol.56: '98 Fred's Therapy fight, '00 Hank the Angry Drunken
Dwarf v. Beetlejuice, '96 Jackie v. Andrew Dice Clay, 7/17/08
Richard Simmons hangs up/Ronnie's beard, '06 Sal v. Robin

Vol.57: 5/1/06 JJ Abrams

Vol.58: 6/14/06 Show-Robert Duvall, 6/13/06 Show-Dustin

Vol.59: 4/7/06 Show-Carmen Electra Rides the Sybian,Hank the
Angry Drunken Dwarf Documentary,Howard 100 Documentary,Richard
Christy Film Festival Entry,Misty

Vol.60: Jennifer Steel 2006, Miss Howard Stern 2006

Vol.61: 4/25/06 Show-Jenny McCarthy, Bloodhound Gang with
Mark the Bagger, Cliff Palate at AVN Awards

Vol.62: Corey Feldman & wife, Heidi Fleiss & Dennis
Hof (Bunny Ranch owner), Guess Jeff the Drunk's sister, Kenneth
Keith Kallenbach show

Vol.63: Jenna Jameson Rides the Sybian-P.Diddy,4/6/06
Show-Blue Iris Rides the Sybian

Vol.64: Film Nominee #9-Sterns Revenge,Howard 100
Documentary,Richard Christy Entry,Staff Entries,Ralph-Gravitas,JD-3
Faces of Ronnie,Richard Christy-A Power Walking
Store(Benjy),Robin/Fred-Trans Siobhan America,Doug Z
Goodstein-Death of Terrestrial,Arite-Be Like Artie,Sal-Nervous Meat
and Vegetables,Howard-Fred,Sal Calabro&Girls with Implants

Vol.65: 4/26/06 Show-Andrew Dice Clay,4/27/06 Show-Shock with
Bubba The Love Sponge,Film Festival Winner-"Radioplay",Film
Festival Nominee #1-"The Mating Game",Film Festival Nominee
#2-"Tito Stern Left Behind"

Vol.66: 4/4/06 Show-Richard Sick/Alison Revealed,4/5/06
Show-Bobby Badfingers,Evaluation with Snoop Dogg

Vol.67: Danny Bonaduce,Tatiana Rides the Sybian,Day 1 Behind
the Scenes

Vol.68: 4/3/06 Show-Artie Gambles/Sandra Bernhart,Reverend
Bob Levy Comedy Show,Henry Hill Drunk

Vol.69: Porn Beauty Pageant, John the Stutterer

Vol.70: Reilly Martin Abducted by Aliens, 6/7/06 Show-Twin
Sisters on Sibian, Hi Pitch Erics 1st Appearance

Vol.71: 5.10.06 Show-Joey G/Live, 5.11.06 Show-Shy
Love/Dennis Rodman

Vol.72: Debut Press Conference,Valentina Vaughn Rides the

Vol.73: Hi Pitch Limbo, KC foot rub, Fran Drescher, Sal"King
of all Gary Pranks"

Vol.74: 5.15.06 Show-Jimmy Kimmel/Jim Belushi, 5.16.06
Show-Siobhan/Jeff the Drunk, Rachael Hunter disses Howard

Vol.75: 3/30/06 Show-Tori Spelling-Darryl Hammond , Richard
Christy Gets Waxed

Vol.76: 3/29/06 Show-Daniel Carver Roast,Benji Wrestles
Jasmine St.Claire,Sal's New Years Eve Party

Vol.77: Adrianne Curry, Howards 52nd Birthday

Vol.78: 4/18/06 Show-Mitch Fatel ,4/19/06 Show-Tera Patrick
Rides the Sybian ,4/19/06 Show-Siobhan Rides the Sybian ,Dan the
Farter has an accident

Vol.79: Best Of 4/3-4/7 48,Best Of 4/17-4/21

Vol.80: Jay Thomas, Tabitha Stevens "This is your Sex Life",
Rides the Sybian, Buck Angel Rides the Sybian

Vol.81: '06 Staff Revelations (classic episode)

Vol.82: 11/20/08 Staff does Lie Detector Tests, Best of the
Wrap Up Show 11/17-11/20/08, Howard meets "Milk Fed Girls,"
11/24/08 Brooke Hogan, '06 Wack Pack Thanksgiving

Vol.83: 2/4/08 Jim Cramer, 2/7/08 Artie/High Pitch Mike
fight, 2/7/08 Win Fred's Money

Vol.84: '95 Kenneth Keith & GF, Miss HTV July '08,
6/26/08 Artie's Drinking, 6/26/08 Win Fred's Money/Dani/Sybian, '04
Maria Menounos/Tickle Chair, '08 Win Fred's Money/Jim &

Vol.85: '03 KC Snaps, Miss HTV Dec. '08, '99 MTV VMA Show #3,
Best of the Wrap Up Show 10/27-10/30/08

Vol.86: '96 Girls eat carrots off of Wack Pack, '03 Stuck on
You w\ Jeff the Drunk Day 5, '07 JD at the AVNs, '96 Amy Lynn &

Vol.87: '07 Robin goes Racing, '02 Stuttering John/Cabbie
Press Conference, '01 Jillian Barbarie, '97 Howard v. Jackie in

Vol.88: '07 Iron Shiek plays Anal Ring Toss, 10/30/08
Ronnie's cologne, '05 Lori Lust gets spanked, Kimberly Taylor &
Malika Kinison

Vol.89: '00 MTV VMA Show Parts 1-4

Vol.90: 11/3/08 Eric the Midget's first Studio Visit (Guests:
Natalie Maines, Kurt Angle, & Diana Degarmo)

Vol.91: Erica Durance, Paul Giamatti, Ivan Reitman & Luke

Vol.92: Lori Lust gets Spanked, Chyna Doll breakdown Pt.
1&2, Debbie Gibson & girl from the street, Pam Anderson Lap
Dance Pt. 1

Vol.93: Pam Anderson Lap Dance Pt. 2, Hi/Lo Game w\
Reynaldo-Heather Pt. 1 & 2, Penthouse Pet's Fantastic Talents
Pt. 1

Vol.94: Jessica Jaymes, Jamie Lynn & Cassia Riley play

Vol.95: 11/19/08 Bam Margera, Brandon Novak, & Missy
visit studio, '07 Cuba Gooding Jr., 11/19/08 JD & Jared are
handcuffed for 24 hours, 11/20/08 Richard Belzer takes lie detector

Vol.96: Meanest Listener Day 1, '00 Naked News, 12/8/08
William Shatner, '99 MTV VMAs Show #4, 12/10/08 Lisa G's obsession
w\ Artie

Vol.97: 3/15/06 Savanna Samson plays Mexican Delivery Guy
game/Sybian, 3/16/06 Hogan family

Vol.98: 9/16/08 JD's skills, 9/17/08 Biggest Loser gets date
at the Bunny Ranch, 9/17/08 Cupcake controversy/Miss HTV Oct. '08,
'95 Robin's Polygraph test

Vol.99: '03 Las Vegas Shows 1,2, &3

Vol.100: 9/8/08 Brad Garrett, 9/10/08 Savanna Samson's New
Song, 9/8/08 Ronnie at Will's Wedding, 9/9/08 Bunny Ranch girl
auctions off her virginity