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How to Control the Mind  of Your Prospects


How to Control the Mind
of Your Prospects

And Influence Them
to Buy What You're Selling

88 page unabridged eBook by Joe Sugarman


30 Sales Tools You Can Use to Control the Mind Of Your Prospect to Motivate, Influence and Persuade

Imagine what it would be like if you could control people's minds - and had the power to motivate, influence and persuade them to agree to practically anything you propose ... what would that be worth to you?

The concept of mind control has always been irresistible to marketers and salespeople. Why? Obviously, because it plays a major role in generating untold fortunes for the privileged few who know how to use it.

As you read every word of this article, you will discover advanced psychological tactics that will boggle your mind. You will learn 30 ways you can use mind control to make your prospects buy from you - and, more importantly, how you can use the tactics ethically to at least double or triple your sales.

The diabolical tactics I'm about to reveal have been shown to generate avalanches of sales - virtually unstoppable landslides, in most cases. These psychological weapons are so powerful that I expect more money to change hands with the clever use of these devices than with any other marketing method known to man. Heck, these are controversially potent, that I wouldn't be surprised if they are banned from mainstream marketing in the near future.

What Is Mind Control - And Is It Ethical?

Mind control and other devices of social influence are woven into the very fabric of our society. They have become so prevalent, particularly in the world of sales and marketing, that we often don't even take notice of their influence. For instance …

Have you ever wondered why companies such as Procter & Gamble and General Foods have been running those contests asking people to write down "Why I like (product)" in 25-, 50-, 100 words or less?

Because, for the chance of winning valuable prizes, droves of people are willing to go on record as liking the product. This, in and of itself, is extraordinary because it creates countless glowing testimonials. But what's even more amazing is that the hundreds of thousands of people who testify in writing to the product's benefits consequently believe what they have written - and this curious phenomenon fuels unprecedented sales of the product!

When you use psychological devices like the one used in the above example, you glide ever so smoothly over people's natural predispositions that it's practically effortless for you to generate sales. This spells the greatest difference between the ethical form of mind control used in marketing, versus its evil stepbrother - the kind involving covert behavior modification techniques.

The latter concept of "mind control" probably conjures up intrusive devices reminiscent of the "Manchurian Candidate," that coerce or manipulate people to do things against their will, or even introduce electrical impulses that affect the cerebral cortex and produce robotic behavior in human beings. Needless to say, this is not the context of mind control that I am referring to - and neither is it the kind I would advocate nor promote in the field of sales.

Mind control, as used ethically in sales and marketing, is simply the process of using natural human predispositions to break down defense barriers that are obstacles in the sales process.

In this manner, your prospect is a voluntary and willing participant, and becomes happily involved in a buying decision that you have rendered painless and even enjoyable.

Here's the amazing part:

You can initiate your prospect's buying sequence at the snap of your fingers when you know the secret codes known as "triggers." These triggers activate a human predisposition that causes the prospect to buy without any resistance.

Obviously, these triggers usher in a revolutionary - and immensely more effective - era of selling. Here's how triggers compares to the traditional way of selling:

Traditional Selling entails the use of sales "scripts" that are both awkward and unnatural. You probably know them all – dozens of memorized closes, questions rigged with "tie-down" lines that trick the prospect into saying "yes," etc. This traditional selling sequence is contrived, and goes against the natural flow of the prospect. And even when customers buy as a result of these high-pressure tactics, it's not because they want the product but because they are cornered or intimidated into the sale. I don't know about you, but this sales model makes me feel like a con artist after I make a sale.

Selling With the Use of Triggers: When you "get into the mind" of your prospect, the sales process becomes a matter of just pushing the right buttons - or more precisely, the right triggers. Since you're going with your prospect's natural flow, and using a selling sequence to which your prospect is naturally inclined, you eliminate any resistance. Selling couldn't be easier.

Why do you think ... ?

Have you ever wondered how toy manufacturers are able to influence post-holiday, overspent parents to flock to toy stores in January? Perhaps even you might have found yourself irresistibly drawn to a toy store in January, and shell out money inexplicably for one more unneeded toy.

Do you know why? Hint: It's not because the prices are slashed - and neither is it because the kids didn't get enough toys over the holidays. There is a calculated, psychological scheme put into motion by toy manufacturers - and they know it works every time because they understand how the human mind works.

Wouldn't you want to know what that psychological scheme is?


How Triggers Were Discovered

Joe Sugarman, the best-selling author and top copywriter who achieved legendary fame in direct marketing, ran a highly successful mail-order company in the 1980s, JS&A (the forerunner of The Sharper Image). Joe learned on a mass scale which ad approaches worked, and which ones didn't. He studied the ads that achieved a high degree of success, and discovered that they were clearly successful because of certain underlying psychological triggers. He identified 30 of these triggers that activate psychological forces buried deep within the subconscious brain, and cause people to buy.

Result: Through the effective use of psychological triggers, Joe sold over 20 million pairs of BluBlocker sunglasses, as well as countless other products. Joe also sold several million dollars' worth of product on QVC - sometimes in a single day.

In his new ebook Triggers Joe reveals his startling discovery of how to get into people's minds, eavesdrop on their thoughts, know what they want - and make a fortune in the process.

Cracking the Psychological Code That Reveals Untold Secrets

Just as the human genome cracked the genetic code that reveals untold secrets of the human body, Joe Sugarman's Triggers cracked the psychological code that activates a person's buying sequence. This is the secret code that has eluded the sales industry for years.

Folks, this is not the kind of selling you grew up with. This is quantum selling that goes beyond anything you've ever seen or heard.

"This ebook will graphically teach you 30 ways you can improve your chances of sales success by understanding the psychology that Joe learned from years as a direct marketer - an education that cost him millions to learn. He has artfully taken this knowledge and applied it to the dynamic of personal selling and has crafted an ebook unlike anything you'll find elsewhere. This is an ebook that should be on every salesman's desk.”

-- Joe Girard is an author of 4 books, and is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's greatest retail salesman.

Joe Sugarman first discovered the power of psychological triggers years ago when he applied just one trigger on an ad, and it immediately doubled the response to that ad.
Here's an important question: Now that you know that the application of a single sychological trigger has been proven to at least double or even triple the response of any ad, what would happen when you use all 30 triggers?

If you're curious as to what you'll find in Joe's ebook, Triggers, here's a sneak-peek:
  • Learn to effectively control the minds of your prospects, and instantly increase sales – whether it be in mail order, on the Internet or in face-to-face selling

  • Proven tactics to alter the mindset of your prospects, and make them unable to resist buying whatever you're selling

  • How to make your customer sell himself on your product or service - without any effort on your part

  • How to initiate and accelerate your customers' buying sequence - no matter what product or service you’re selling

  • Use your knowledge of your prospect's nature to present your product in the way that is most appealing to your prospect

  • Unlock the real fire power that lies dormant in your present sales and marketing activities – and watch sales literally soar

  • How to use your prospect's own predisposition to draw him to your product or service like a powerful magnet

  • Boost the psychological pulling power of your ad instantly without spending a dime

  • How to use your prospects' most powerful emotions to achieve mega-watt sales

  • How to discover your prospects' innermost desires, and use that knowledge to craft an offer that is irresistible to them

  • How to tell an engaging story that prompts your prospect to want to do business with you

  • How to use the most powerful force in selling to magnetize customers to your product or service

  • How to tantalize your prospect's mind with blatant psychological seduction of the non-sexual kind

  • How to instill psychological debt in your prospects to close an incredible number of sales

  • Unleash the power of your pen to write psychologically spellbinding ad copy that will earn you a fortune and give you the ability to sell on a level you never dreamed possible

  • How to instantly put your prospect in a receptive buying mode - and make your selling effortless and easy

  • Learn the insatiable emotion people have that is powerful enough to drive your sales through the roof

  • How to crank up the emotional volume of your sales message to make your prospect submit unquestioningly to whatever you propose

  • How to use 1, 2 or a combination of several psychological triggers to double the results of your existing sales efforts

  • Learn the same amazing psychological discoveries that have made Joe Sugarman and his students millions of dollars

If you are interested in marketing material from Bill Myers, Jay Abraham, Corey Rudl and Joe Vitale, you will love this ebook.

Here's what people are saying about Joe Sugarman's breakthrough ebook:

"A must-read for anyone selling anything to anyone! I write advertising copy that has to sell. If it doesn't sell, I don't eat. I live or die by how effective my words are at getting people off of their couches, over to a phone and calling up to order. And, I know that the only way to do this most difficult of jobs, is to trigger psychological forces buried deep inside the subconscious brain. If you want them to buy, you have to trip those psychological triggers, which create emotional reactions compelling people to buy. If you get really good at this, you will make more money than you'll know how to spend. 'Triggers' is so good that using it gives me an almost unfair advantage over my former competitors! I'm so much more effective now, that my accountant is complaining about keeping track of all the extra money I'm bringing in for myself and my clients."

-- Jeffrey Paul, Author, How You Can Make $4,000.00 a Day, Sitting at Your Kitchen Table, in Your Underwear!

"Outstanding! 'Triggers' goes way beyond just selling. Trigger #30 helped me generate $30,000 off one well-written letter alone. For those who are serious and want to sell more, market better and communicate more effectively, I highly recommend you get 'Triggers,' ASAP.”

-- Jim Bickford, San Ramon, California

"As a sales professional I found Sugarman's techniques new and refreshing. And I have already used them personally to improve my sales techniques. They work! They're not manipulative and can be applied to any product, service or price point. I strongly recommend this ebook."

-- Peter Wink, Author, Negotiate Your Way to Riches

"I can assure you that if you are looking for marketing and business advice from someone that has made millions then buy and read this ebook. I have read hundreds of books on marketing and Joe Sugarman is one of the best and brightest on the planet. This ebook is something that you will not want to put down once you start reading and it's worth a fortune to anyone that uses the triggers he reveals.”

-- Joe Polish, President, Piranha Marketing

"I've read many marketing and copywriting books. However Joe Sugarman's ebook 'Triggers,' deserves it's own category. Frankly speaking, the art of influence and persuasion is so very necessary because it reaches down to the very core - at the emotional, very personal level of your prospect. This ebook is destined to become a valuable collector's item. I urge you to get your own copy, read it line-by-line, cover-to-cover, and watch how you too, will improve in every aspect of your marketing efforts.”

-- Nelson J. Vega, Buena Vista, New Jersey

"This ebook is about persuasion - knowing what will psychologically trigger people to buy. As the author of 113 books and over 500 magazine articles, I highly recommend this ebook to writers, publishers and anyone who has something to sell.”

-- Dan Poynter, Author, The Self-Publishing Manual

You don't need a secret service agent to tell you that secret knowledge equals power. Joe Sugarman's Triggers contains secret knowledge you absolutely can't be without because it can make you irresistibly powerful in business, as well as in your personal life.

As you read the secrets that Triggers reveals, you will begin to see how they can make a dramatic impact on your business, no matter what your current situation is. It makes absolutely no difference what product or service you sell, what the price point of your product or service is, or whether you sell in person, by phone, by mail or via the Internet. With the strategic use of triggers, your business is poised for record-breaking sales.

Psychological triggers are quite literally a gold mine for marketers and salespeople who know how to unearth the gold. Joe Sugarman has done all the work for you - he has mined the gold, stripped off the debris, and polished it to perfection. Now, the gold is yours to have and use for business, as well as pleasure.

WARNING: Use the 30 triggers only as directed. Over-use
may be absolutely overwhelming.

I'm going to give you a little caveat right here - so listen closely. When you start selling with the use of triggers, your sales results will be so amazing that you won't want to sell any other way. Selling has never been easier, that you won't want to go back to your old way of selling.

When you get your hands on Triggers I am betting you won't be able to put it down. In fact, I'm betting that I couldn't pry it out of your hands if I tried. Triggers is overflowing with the most mouth-watering secrets you absolutely must have.

Are you beginning to see how the psychological weaponry of Triggers can put you on the cutting-edge of the marketing frontier? Now, the only question left to answer is: "How many of the 30 triggers do you plan to use, and when do you plan to use them?"

It's not hard to see that now is the best time to catapult your business to unprecedented heights. Don't let your competitors beat you to it, or they could use psychological triggers to run you out of business.

Here's the good news:

Now that you realize that applying powerful psychological triggers today will turbo-charge your business to incalculable heights. You can apply one or more of the psychological triggers to your sales and marketing activities today, and literally generate sales before the day is over.

Joe Sugarman mastered the clever use of psychological triggers throughout his career, and came up with legendary successes that broke many of the advertising and marketing records of his time. I dare you to use Triggers in your business, and create legendary successes of your own. Take this challenge now.
If you want to become a top flight marketer or copywriter like Gary Halbert, Ted Nicholas, Peter Sun or Dan Kennedy, then you need to get and read this informative eBook.

P.S. Frankly, I know nothing that could truly make a significant difference in your net worth than the infusion of Joe Sugarman's Triggers into your current marketing and sales activities. Oh, and did I tell you that the ebook is remarkably entertaining? Joe Girard, "the world's greatest retail salesman," has this to say:

"There's one thing that captured me from the beginning of this ebook and kept me glued to the very end. It's Joe's sense of humor and his incredible skill in writing. He's a master of the written word and his stories and anecdotes are both fun to read, educational, and ones you long remember.”

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